Android Game: Age of War

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  1. Letang

    Letang Active Member

    Kronos and all its kingdoms have slipped into the state of carnage. The evil forces outnumbering the peacekeepers have severly damaged kingdoms defenses. With the defenders down, the Kings of Kronos have helplessly given up hope of protecting their citizens.
    Kronos's only hope lies within your hands.Take charge of The Last Defender and an arsenal of deadly weapons to thwarth the very source of evil.
    This Casual CastleDefense/RPG consists of:
    --4 different weapon which can be unlocked/upgraded from the store. Each weapon has its own speciality and must be used tactfully.

  2. angrybirds365

    angrybirds365 Active Member

    nice graphics and a nice name. your game worths more attention. good luck Letang!!
  3. greenyadzer

    greenyadzer Member

    I remember how much time I spent playing Flash game "Age of War". It is very addictive and truly epic. Good luck with the game! :)
  4. Letang

    Letang Active Member

    Thanks a lot!

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