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  1. lmao

    lmao New Member

    hello there!

    I am new in android programming also in this please help.

    for the past few months, we've been studying the basic of android programming namely - how to code/add function to a button, textview, etc..but this time we need to create an android game for our final work. i was thinking of a simple game but uses the sensor that an android smartphone can do most esp. the accelerometer.

    my first idea was a Table tennis game where you can use the phone itself as the paddle (not sure the name, it is the one that hits the ball).

    then second was the iButterfly clone where you can also use your phone as your net to catch the butterfly.

    third concept is like a pinball but the user will be the one to control the falling ball.

    any help, advise, new ideas, or anything - i would be soo grateful.thank yoU!

  2. Unforgiven

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    Welcome to Android Forums lmao. I moved your thread to the Developer 101 forum where folks will help you get started.:)
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  3. lmao

    lmao New Member

    thank YoU! :)

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