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  1. droidscape

    droidscape Member

    I recently downloaded Grindr for Android and have questions about how it works based on phone settings.

    Does the app have to always be open (up on the screen) for it to be active: for the app to update and for me to be seen by others?

    If I have the app open and then want to do something else like text, email, phone call, web search, etc., does the app stay on and active or does it shut off?

    If the screen on my phone times out, I see that Grindr has to update or refresh after I unlock the phone. Does the phone changing to time out mode shut down the app? Do I need to turn off the time out feature and constantly have the screen on in order for the app to continue functioning?

    Thanks for any feedback. I hope that others can post and get answers to similar questions and get the best use out of the app.

  2. droidscape

    droidscape Member

    When Grinder is open and running, does it interfere with other phone functions such updating and downloading new email and text messages? I didn
  3. GrindrSupport

    GrindrSupport New Member

    Hi there-

    First of all, welcome to Grindr! I wanted to take a moment to address the questions you had about the app.

    Grindr does not keep your phone active if you have your "Screen timeout" settings applied.

    Grindr will continue to stay signed on in the background depending on how you exit the app. If you press the home button it will continue to run. When you press the back arrow until you are out of the app, it will exit the app.

    When Grindr is open and running, it will not interfere with other apps, as you mentioned.

    At this time, there is now way to "turn off" other conversations. The blue box you see indicates that the chat is an active chat and will appear for six hours after you've stopped chatting with another user.

    Keep in mind, we are always evolving, and as we change, feel free to reach out to us for help. You can do this by visiting our helpdesk. We'll be happy to assist there with any questions you may have.

    Grindr Support
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  4. brunozwa

    brunozwa New Member

    it will not interfere with other apps, as you mentioned.
  5. droidscape

    droidscape Member

    Thnx for the info!

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