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  1. Person

    Person New Member


    When i try running the simple Hello Android program i get the following message in console
    emulator-5554 disconnected! Cancelling '
    As a result the program does not run.

    Can any one help me out of this...

    Thanks in Advance..


  2. el bakkali

    el bakkali New Member

    open command cmd & write this instruction adb start-server when you get this message "waiting for home ......."
  3. el bakkali

    el bakkali New Member

    + solution : before message like "emulator-5554 disconnected! Cancelling " go to Eclipse IDE-->window--> Show Views --> device--> view menu --> reset adb
  4. metric152

    metric152 Active Member

    That worked perfect. Thanks a lot for the tip!
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  5. jakeben

    jakeben New Member

    disable your firewall, restart the PC, and start eclipse and emulator,.. its been 2 days i am still connected to the emulator, previously i was disconnected every 10 min and randomly . that was so irritating ..
  6. vinodh5c6

    vinodh5c6 New Member

    I Cant find any option such as device in window->show view
    please give me some solution
  7. RamezAshraf

    RamezAshraf New Member

    Follow this to find devices (If u haven't already)
    window->show view-> Other -> Android -> Devices

    For me :
    I Get this error when i try to restart the adb
    [2011-07-02 14:43:42 - DeviceMonitor]Adb connection Error:An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

    Did i install something wrong or ..?

    Thank ya'll !
  8. New Member

    I was having the same trouble.

    I deleted all AVDs I had set up (2) and created a new AVD and then it worked without disconnecting.

  9. whisper

    whisper New Member

    Although I have tried that method many times, the emulator disconnection problem is still NOT soloved, and I also tried another solutions (even reinstalling the android SDK), but they are all failed.
    Could anybody do me a favor?
    Much Appreciated!
  10. akakage_89

    akakage_89 New Member

    First, close (or force close) your current AVD.
    Open Android SDK and AVD Manager, choose your virtual device, click "Start..." then check the "wipe user data" mode then click "Launch".
  11. whisper

    whisper New Member

    I have done the right setups followed by your suggestion, but it still didn't work. Although I have tried that several times, the same wrong appeared. I cannot figure out what the wrong happened to it and that really confuse me a lot, so , could you please give me more guide?

  12. aroundtheblue

    aroundtheblue New Member

    i can find only tab Views --> device-->and unable to find tab view menu --> reset adb,can any one guide me , i will be thankful.
  13. meeal

    meeal New Member

    i also have the same problem i can find only tab Views --> device-->and unable to find tab view menu --> reset adb
  14. just close the ide and emulator and restart it works fine
    if not delete the old AVD and create a new avd the problem can be resolved
  15. humbuguk

    humbuguk New Member

    When you get to Devices, a new window appears (bottom right in my case). Use the rightmost menu option, and the reset adb appears.

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