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Android huawei ascend wont play any sound at allSupport

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  1. Fresh_bucks

    Fresh_bucks New Member

    When I bought my android huawei ascend the volume played and everything , its been like a month and I have downloaded plenty of apps and a new launcher and the sound still played , suddenly I noticed today that my sound on my phone isnt playing anything , (ringtone sound , video sound , mp3 sound , NO SOUND AT ALL !) can somebody help :(

  2. ubercajun

    ubercajun Member

    I know this is trivial, but can you confirm that the phone is not in silent mode?
  3. Fresh_bucks

    Fresh_bucks New Member

    The phone is not in silent mode , I have no sound at all , i have the volume for everything turned all the way up and no sound plays at all , i can hear and talk on the phone but theres no other sound at all , ( no ringtone sound , no key press sound , no mp3 sound , no video sound , no sound at all !):(
  4. ubercajun

    ubercajun Member

    I would suggest bringing in to have someone look at it. My cousins boyfriend had an Ascend and after 2 days the same thing happened to his phone. It ended up being a factory defect and Cricket replaced it for him for free.
  5. Fresh_bucks

    Fresh_bucks New Member

    Yea I figured it was a factory defect , imma go ahead and have cricket fix it , good lookin man.
  6. lino s

    lino s New Member

    same thing is happening to my phone i do have sound on headphones...speaker dont come on but some times i do hear it ring then sound die but call is still come in what can i do or check thank you
  7. charitymelody

    charitymelody New Member

    I have the same problem though there is sound on my earphones please help me.

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