Android in Las Vegas!

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  1. Zeruel

    Zeruel Active Member

    Hey everyone. I'm new to this site but have had the T-Mobile G1 since launch date. I've been lurking here for a few weeks and finally decided to sign up.

    I'm in Las Vegas and loving the 3G network here :D.

  2. N473

    N473 Member

    sweet. I'm gonna be in vegas from the 16-19th. glad to hear there's good 3g reception. maybe I don't need to bring my laptop now.
  3. Zeruel

    Zeruel Active Member

    The office I work in is practically out in the middle of nowhere in the desert (some of the roads surrounding the building aren't even done yet, they just have "Road Closed" signs and open desert) but I still get 3G here. There are random spots that I drop down to Edge but it usually seems to fluctuate between 3G and Edge in those cases. Most of this town seems to have solid 3G coverage.

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