Android Infiltration - Gingerbread Rollout Tracker [app]

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  1. I created the app Android Infiltration to help you (and everyone) keep track of where Gingerbread and future updates have shown up so far.

    When Froyo was released back in May 2010, the forums on every Android related site began filling up with speculation and rumor about when the release was coming to additional devices. Even when the device specific release dates were announced over the following months, forums and comments were overflowing with "Does anyone have Froyo yet?" or "I don't have it, but someone I work with does" posts. The goal of this app is to help alleviate some of the mystery.


    Feedback and suggestions are more than welcome!


  2. Version 1.50 is on the market.
    -the ability to check for Android updates in-app has made its glorious return.
    -fixed the Share message to accommodate Twitter's length limit.
  3. 1.52 is now on the market
    -in-app update check now supports more devices.
    -added a "home/reset" button to bottom left screen to show the overall breakdown of releases.
  4. 1.53 is now on the market
    -added a cache clean up to keep the app size down.
  5. Version 1.57 is on the market.
    -Added Nexus S to device menu. (There's one in there already...Hello Gingerbread!)
  6. Version 1.59 is on the market.
    -Added confirmation of the release codename you currently have.
    -Behind the scenes graph enhancements.
    -Graphs now show ROMs so total will equal 100%
    -Added a "Full List" to allow you to choose almost any device to see stats.

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