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  1. Desire15

    Desire15 Member

    After installing ICS on my Sensation everytime I restart the phone it says "Android is Updating, Optimising Applications". Is this normal? I would have expected it on the first restart after updating but not everytime....

  2. Hal_Chase

    Hal_Chase Well-Known Member

    After the initial four or five reboots when ICS first installs you shouldn't see that message again.
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  3. Bob253

    Bob253 Well-Known Member

    Same with me. I have had to reboot my Sensation about 6/7 times since the ICS update and I get it every time.
    Started saying it was optimising 39 apps, that has now gone up to 42.

    Still having intermittent probs with it.
  4. Desire15

    Desire15 Member

    Ok thanks Hal, Ive done about 4/5 restarts now so ill see what it does the next few times.
  5. tompoyntz

    tompoyntz Active Member

    I've been having.the same problem. When it finishes booting up and optimizing the applications, my sound settings have been restored to thei defaults and I have to reset everything.
    Very annoying.
  6. Bob253

    Bob253 Well-Known Member

    We've all waited long enough for this update, why wasn't this all identified and sorted before now.
    If you look at all the different Android Forums - not just this web site - there are loads of problems most seem to be around the same thing.

    Maybe apple is a better bet ?
  7. lemole

    lemole New Member

    I have always been a massive fan of this phone but since the upgrade, my faith is really being put to the test. I have had several issues that aren't neccesarily crippling but it's annoying all the same.

    I upgraded it last Saturday and it's a Malaysian device

    Below are the list of issues that I've encountered so far:

    1) Missing contact icons in 3rd party apps (Whatsapp, GO SMS, Go Contact, Viber...etc)
    2) Loading time for applications significantly longer. Takes a more than just a few seconds to load Whatsapp for example. We are talking about >6-8 seconds just to load an app
    3) Mobile data hangs. the 3G/H icon will continue to blink but no connection available

    I am hoping it's just the apps that are buggy but it's just annoying I suppose. The only thing I can do now, it seems, is to wait for the 2nd/3rd wave of updates to be rolled out before it irons itself out. I have even resorted to removing some apps in an attempt to lessen the load in hope that it might reduce the lag that my phone is suffering from.
  8. tompoyntz

    tompoyntz Active Member

    I've just noticed the missing contact photos on mine now :-(
    Just did another reboot too, and yet again, it did its 'updating applications' thing. As usual, I had to reset all my sound settings :-(
    Also, I've noticed that each time it reboots, it downloads all the album art again from 'gracenote'.
  9. master_yoda

    master_yoda Well-Known Member

    I have exactly the same problem. after restarting the phone roughly 10 times it still persists.

    A work around for this is to turn on fastboot. Its not a fix, but it will hide the problem until we find one.

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  10. creamybear

    creamybear New Member

    ICS restarts everytime I turn the phone on and optimises more and more applications. 42 today.

    How can I revert to the previous operating system?
  11. jaybo1973

    jaybo1973 Well-Known Member

    Yes, mine does it too. I think mine optimizes 19
  12. vwgolf16

    vwgolf16 New Member

    I have exactly the same problem. After each reset does three minutes to open the phone by displaying the message "Android is Upgrading", "Optimizing application 1 of 125" and every time you install a new application this number grows.

    I did hard reset and maybe fix the problem without success.

    Does anyone know of this bug? problem is software htc or new version android?

    Is frustrating to wait so long a time to open the phone.:mad:
  13. clorenger

    clorenger New Member

    I'm having the same problem after restarting. I seem to get between 44 and 45 updates.

    I've been having trouble with sound. Sometimes it just disappears. Or the music player works but the sound on Nav is gone. Restart seems to bring it back, but what a pain.
  14. Desire15

    Desire15 Member

    I am still having the same issue as well. After the initial comments I thought I would let it restart a few more times and see if it would stop but it hasn't. Every time I restart my phone it optimizes 110 apps, I've restarted it at least 15 times or more now since the update.
    I've performed a 'soft reset' and that changed nothing. I have just backed up all my information in order to try a factory reset, but after hearing that a factory reset also didn't help I'm unsure what to do.... I've also noticed that since the update my internet browser will occasionally crash while I'm using it. My phone just reverts back to the home screen and I have to navigate back to the page I was looking at....very frustrating. If it continues after the factory reset I will use the fastboot option for now until we get more information.
  15. Hal_Chase

    Hal_Chase Well-Known Member

    I must have been lucky as I've always had Fastboot enabled...

    One thing is for sure though....ICS uses more RAM than Gingerbread did for the same apps and on a Sensation with Sense hogging loads of RAM that's a really big deal.....I often had only 60-80mb RAM left which made the phone run S-L-O-W, also battery life is worse after ICS :rolleyes:

    I got so sick of my Vodafone ICS that I rooted my phone this morning.....goes like brown stuff off a shovel now :D
  16. ulsterman51

    ulsterman51 New Member

    I've had the same problem since day 1. Nothing works. Soft/hard start factory reset, nothing. I'm in touch with HTC about it, and they are about as useful as a chocolate fire guard. Everything they suggest hasn't worked. No communication from them for about 2 weeks now. They must be as baffled as the rest of us. I'll let you know if I hear anything.
  17. Essbee

    Essbee Member

    I have the same thing where I get 38 applications optimised when I switch on. However, when I use fast boot, this doesn't happen BUT (as the warning says) some apps don't work well with the fast boot. These seem to include virtually anything to do with the SD card - Gallery, Music, Reader, etc. So, the choice is simple - either fast boot but no SD card or slow boot and everything works. No brainer...
  18. I sent my phone last month to HTC, due to dust under the screen and commented on this Updating/Optimising Applications.

    They said it shouldn't do it and will "sort it out".

    Phone came back a week later ..........its still there:mad:
  19. alek_73

    alek_73 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, waiting for tour feedback....
  20. DreamPCs

    DreamPCs Member

    I just wanted to add that my phone (HTC Vivid) had fastboot enabled out of the box and I still have this issue. I don't seem to have any issues with programs accessing my pictures or other media on the MicroSD card. I don't mind waiting a little extra for it to boot, but my only concern is I don't know if rebooting is causing the device to use extra data. I'm with AT&T and I try to reserve my data but I don't know if this 'optimization' is causing my phone to have to resync information.
  21. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

    If you have root, try deleting the dalvik cache... this is what's being rebuilt when you see that message. Maybe something has gone wrong.

    It should do all the apps, then not come back.
  22. mrfuse

    mrfuse New Member

    I cant believe Ive taken this bloody update everything was tickety boo on my sensation I've updated too 4.0.3 and having all sorts of issues.

    Why the hell don't they leave things alone... Im all for updates if their are improvements but what are the improvements?

    like everyone else the Android is Upgrading is annoying, but what is even worse is when I'm switching to do anything IE check my messages or go back to the main screen, Im getting the white HTC screen and then a loading screen which takes about 30 seconds any ideas?
  23. androfanboy

    androfanboy New Member

    This is driving me crazy. I'm having exactly the same issue. From what I can gather lookin at this and other forums the problem is REALLY COMMON. Cannot understand why htc aren't sending an ota fix for this. Does anyone know if there is one on the way? A dual core phone should not be reloading home page everytime I use the browser. The boot up problem is also a massive problem as in have over 100 apps so takes forever. I would really like to sell this phone in two weeks and would be really grateful if anyone could help me.
  24. sare99

    sare99 Well-Known Member

    Add mine to the dissenting voices. I fought long and hard with Orange to get this phone as it was already deemed "obsolete" due to the quad core launches when I upgraded in April. It upgraded itself to ICS pretty soon after I got it and now I have intermittent reboots, the optimisation issue and related re-setting of app values as a result of it, and a keyboard that bounces up and down like bloody Tigger whenever I type.

    I agree wholeheartedly with @Mr Fuse above that updates should improve upon what was already there NOT bugger it up. HTC need to sort this.
  25. alek_73

    alek_73 Well-Known Member

    Solved in the ota update I received today
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