Android kernel development environment setup?

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  1. crouchtiger

    crouchtiger New Member

    Hallo i am trying to look into android goldfish code and probably make some changes in it. As it is a long way to go for me i am actually unable to decide the tools that i need to set up. I come from an IDE based programming experience so am always trying to find a walk through tutorial to get goldfish kernel code in eclipse CDT to browse and code but no luck.I have followed the post and built the kernel accordingly. i know that its a basic linux kernel and so tried it along the lines of this post but am still not confident of my setup. can some one please guide me through my new venture into this wild, vast and crazy field ?

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    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Hey crouchtiger, i have moved this thread to the Developer 101 forum to receive some better assistance, hope this helps :)
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  3. crouchtiger

    crouchtiger New Member

    anyone there ?

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