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android keyboard has stoppedSupport

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  1. SALLY1977

    SALLY1977 New Member

    My tablet has stopped working :confused:
    When I open it this sentence turns up:
    Unfortunately, android keyboard has stopped
    You have the choise to report or to push OK
    This sentence pops up everytime and you can not do anything anymore

    I already pushed reset but it doesnt help

    I hope someone smart can help me :)


  2. ZombieBear

    ZombieBear Well-Known Member

    I would recommend going to the apps section in setting, finding the keyboard, then do a force stop and clear data, then see of that resolves it
  3. SALLY1977

    SALLY1977 New Member


    thank you.
    I did as you said before but they're keeping up messages like
    "the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped"

    It's not possible to go on the internet or to open an hotmail account
    I tried to go to settings to synchronise everything but it does nothing :-(

    Thanks for all the help



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