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  1. r0bert4

    r0bert4 Member

    I use the android keyboard and want to remove a word from predictive text. It always want to replace "you" with "You" and I don't want it capitalized all the time. Is there any way to remove a word from the predictive text? I have found how to do it with the Samsung keyboard, but not the android keyboard.


  2. kburgess

    kburgess Member

    I have the same exact problem I HATE it. I hope somebody has some information on this.
  3. Tempusfugit

    Tempusfugit Well-Known Member

    Setting>Language&Keyboard>Touch Input>User dictionary
  4. kburgess

    kburgess Member

    Where is the Language and keyboard section? I see its under settings but is that the main settings or the settings of the messaging? I can't seem to find that in either....Thanks
  5. Tempusfugit

    Tempusfugit Well-Known Member

    It might be different on my phone, but that's the custom dictionary for everything I think.

    Main settings, so from home screen - Menu>settings>language&keyboard>touch input>User dictionary
  6. kburgess

    kburgess Member

    Yeah I have the captivate for AT&T version 2.1 and that is not in my menu settings. The original poster and I are using the Android Keyboard. I can see how to change it with the other keyboards but I like the Android one so much more except for that one flaw. I have other words it autocorrects wrong that I would like to change but I cant seem to find the saved list anywhere.
  7. Tempusfugit

    Tempusfugit Well-Known Member

    hmmmm on the keyboard does the microphone(text to speech button) have a little gear on it? If so press and hold and it might bring up the menu.
  8. kburgess

    kburgess Member

    not that I can see...

    NJMENTERPR New Member


    Don't know if you already got resolution to the mis-spelled word removal for Android keyboard in Galaxy S. I had the same problem and joined this forum just to answer as it was driving me nuts (entered "convenienc" instead of "convenience" into dictionary which was very inconvenient). Samsung keyboard editable but no access to Android (which I agree is better).

    SOLUTION (or at least the one I found):
    *need rooted phone
    *need root file manager
    *need sql editor

    Using file manager search for "dictionary"
    Open the found dictionary folder for "android keyboard" and then the sub folder "words"
    -you will be prompted to use "internal viewer" or" sql editor" to read the file
    -uncheck the "do not show this again" box as you will want it to show again to get easy access to the sql editor market app.
    -click "internal viewer" to check out the file contents. You should see a list of words and your problems should be easily seen. The problem is that you cannot do anything with them.
    -go back and this time select "sql editor" and order it from Market. Pay the <$3 and download.
    -repeat the same procedure from the search. This time you will use sql editor to open the "words" file
    -if you select individual words by pressing and holding, you will get a menu, one of the options which is to "delete record". Do so. The mis-spelled word will be removed from the database.
    -When you're done fixing things, exit out and reboot the phone to load the new database into the keyboard
    -you should no longer see the mis-spells coming up anymore highlighted in red in the word selection bar (such as in email) as a correct word

    Hope this helps
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  10. I just looked and seems there is no "free" versions of these apps. This is a problem for me since it's a group phone to the business that doesn't have the ability to allow us to pay for apps =(

    I will try this when I get home if I can find free versions. Certainly you shouldn't have to PAY to edit the phones damn dictionary!

    I get angry when I type two and "yew" comes up as an option.. and even is always eben. They aren't even words! Why is it that my new phone has these non words as options even that come up? Im juts disgusted with the whole sqype keyboard. No matter how accurate I am, the 4 words it comes up with as choices aren't even words most of the time. I end up looking like a idiot when I hit send and not check every last word.. which should NOT be the way it has to be. Not like I am new to texting either!
  11. skratch

    skratch Member

    there isn't a user editable dictionary. what i found i had to do was in one of the menu settings there is an option to reset only the dictionary. it wipes out all that you have previously saved in the dictionary and starts from scratch.
  12. Nick D

    Nick D New Member

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