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Android Mail App, wont leave copy of emails on serverSupport

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  1. LB2K6

    LB2K6 New Member

    Dear fellow Android users,

    The company i work for recently decided to purchase HTC Desire S phones with the new Telstra plans for the next 2 years. Anyway i've had multiple staff come to me requesting that their emails be setup on their phones. Now i have had to say no so far due to the lack of an option to always save a copy of the email on server, even after downloading.

    It is company policy to always have the emails on the server and my arse gets fried if we are missing a critical email.

    I'm no android or phone expert, so i wondered if i could get some confirmation to my theory about there being no option?

    Thanks for any help or advice,


  2. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    Copies can be held on Google's servers after emails have been downloaded to a phone and after being read. It differs according to whether the Gmail account on the web (not the client app) is set-up as POP or IMAP.

    Obviously, it's when email is deleted that they won't be held on Google's servers, either after they've been automatically removed from Trash or if 'Immediately delete' has been selected in Gmail settings.
  3. LB2K6

    LB2K6 New Member

    well i dont think there has been any issues with Gmail, but the company uses its own web hosting service, and they refuse to give support on the phones in this matter, and they said that its all okay on their end. i have a feeling that there just is no support for this at all.
  4. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    The initial settings you require won't be found on the phone but on the settings page of the individual Gmail account on the web or via network admin software. Whoever has access to this will be able to ensure a copy remains in the email account when the email has been downloaded or read via the phone, but not when deleted - unless there is a data archiving/back-up plan to cover this.

    It's going to be impossible to get much further unless you know what these settings are or are able to change them. This information should be easy to find out. I'm surprised the IT company aren't able to or won't give it to you. And if your company bought these smart phones to take advantage of their internet connectivity (including email), then it looks like its current contract with this out-of-house IT service might hinder productivity and end up costing more money.
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  5. LB2K6

    LB2K6 New Member

    Yea the I.T. company we have atm only does anything after they've been pestered to do so, and somehow i dont think it loos like our phones are going to do what we want them to do =/, thanks for all your help Notebook, im gonna keep looking into it and if i find a resolution ill make sure i post it here.

    Have a nice day!

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