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  1. gymcol

    gymcol New Member

    Hello all, hopefully someone can help because i've tried everything :( Everytime I try to open Market it tries to load but then says 'a server error has occured...', I have read every forum, tried every thing suggested but nothing works? Did factory reset, again nothing (just no apps at all now)? I don't know he its related but it all seems to have started since I had to close my Googlemail account and open a new one? Internet etc all works fine btw. Even phoned my service provider to be told because it's a third party application they don't offer support :S! Please someone help. Thanks, Colette

  2. androzoom

    androzoom Member

    uninstall Market and then install the latest version of Market

    hope it helps
  3. gymcol

    gymcol New Member

    Thanks :) How do I uninstall it though, there's no option for that in Applications?
  4. dave2day

    dave2day Member

    Anyone still having this problem (server error) try doing a factory data reset (home > menu > settings > privacy > factory data reset > reset phone (or reset tablet))

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