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  1. tuggy24g

    tuggy24g Well-Known Member

    Well I am at a dead end right now. I am not sure what to do at this point. When ever I go to access the android market on the tablet it tells me that I need to authentication require in order to access. I did delete my account and add it again. Still nothing. I tried going into gmail and fooling around in there. No go. Now my only option at the moment is to factory data reset and not what I want to do. Also this is not rooted or have any custom roms on it. Just all stock with a few apps on it. Thank you for your time


  2. redpanda

    redpanda Well-Known Member

    Before doing a factory reset, try clearing your data for the market app. Settings > applications > manage applications > All > market > clear data
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  3. tuggy24g

    tuggy24g Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info. Let me check before I do a full system flush and I will let you know
  4. tuggy24g

    tuggy24g Well-Known Member

    Still no go. Geez what do I do what do I do?
  5. redpanda

    redpanda Well-Known Member

    Just curious, can you log in to the web version of the market?

    And if so, can you see your Xoom under devices when you go to install something?

    Of course, you can't update apps through the web-based market, but that might provide a clue as to what exactly is broken.
  6. tuggy24g

    tuggy24g Well-Known Member

    Well I did a factory restore and fixed the problem. So now I have to start from scratch all over again ugg!! Anyway thanks for the help!
  7. TheDifference

    TheDifference Member

    Download Appbrain from market. I learnt the hard way with my HD2 and multiple rom installs. i hated having to find and dl all the apps everytime i flashed a new rom.
  8. CammieMac

    CammieMac New Member

    Clearing data and fc worked for me ty
  9. envision

    envision New Member

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  10. tuggy24g

    tuggy24g Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I already did a factory reset. I did not know about any proxy reset or anything of the nature. If it happens again (god hope not) then I will try your way.
  11. kosiara

    kosiara New Member

    I had the same issue -> It resolved after a while and turned out to be a GRPS connection error. I DIDN't even clear the market's cache.
  12. mohdshahid

    mohdshahid New Member

    android market mai authentification error show kar rha hai .what will i do

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