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  1. Sentiray

    Sentiray New Member

    I did the two-step verification and I have the password that i have to type in on my phone
    but when i open android market on the phone it tells me to type the password
    on my old google account and i cant get rid of that window, so i cant log in
    on my new one and type in the password

  2. Jake-SonyXperia

    Jake-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Can you clarify that you have performed a master reset on the device when trying to use a new Gmail account?
  3. fuhrl

    fuhrl Well-Known Member

    so if i freeze them, i can still use them when i want but they wont run in the background otherwise?
  4. fuhrl

    fuhrl Well-Known Member

    what the heck? this wasn't the thread i replied to...
  5. paxchristos

    paxchristos Well-Known Member

    Apparently it was, I was curious how long it'd take you to figure that out :p
    But yes, if apps are frozen, then they won't run at all.
  6. fuhrl

    fuhrl Well-Known Member

    i don't even remember looking at this thread before today. lol.

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