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Android Market is not working for X10 miniSupport

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  1. diwakarsony

    diwakarsony New Member

    Hi , i got a new X10 min , and from the phone if i tap on the market icon ,

    i will get "Set up your google account" as i got the google account i try to

    sign in with existing one ,

    then i am getting the below msg

    "Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server"

    "this could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. if it continues call customer care"


    if i try to login through browser it is working.


  2. eginko

    eginko New Member

    My friend had this problem with his x10 mini, he was using wifi connection and then he used my sim card with unlimited data plan for settings and email etc. and it was working and after that he could use his own sim card and it was wotking even on wifi. So you can try that. Hope it helps.
  3. psk2606

    psk2606 New Member

    I am also having the same problem. I am unable to sign in to my google account using Market. Same error message as above. I tried using a unlimited internet access sim card as well. Still same problem. Not sure why.. I have also enabled data services. I tried wifi also still doesnt work.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  4. eginko

    eginko New Member

    I was dealing with another x10 mini, no internet connection whatsoever then I tried factory reset and it helped. You can give it a try but first make sure you BACKUP EVERYTHING.

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