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  1. squashbuddy

    squashbuddy New Member

    Hey everyone

    My specs:
    Phone: HTC Hero
    Locale: Danish
    Carrier: Oister (3)

    My problem: I've been having this problem every since I got this phone. When i try to access the market, just before I can accept the terms of service, I get this error message 'Server Unavailable please try again later'. However it should be mentioned that I also had trouble syncing my google account to my phone. I just had an error message saying it couldn't establish a reliable data connection. I found a work-around by logging into my YouTube account and then the sync worked fine (google contacts, gmail etc.) but not the market.

    What I've been trying:
    - Hard reset a couple of times
    - Checking APN settings
    - Changing locale to english

    Anyone know a solution to this?

    Best regards,

  2. UnSmartphone

    UnSmartphone Well-Known Member

    i have issues with the market sometimes if im using wifi mode.. just a poke in the dark.
  3. Have you tried wifi or just 3g? It sounds like you arent getting a 3g signal, which would be a problem fro your carrier.
  4. Like the gents above I can sometimes not connect to the market when I'm on a WiFi connection, which works fine with any other application like browsing, mail, etc., but I can connect to the market over 3G of course.

    Looks like the prob is on the market side. Not yours, buddy.
  5. XBeast

    XBeast New Member

    We have been trying to connect to the appslib and get this same error with the Archos 5 and the 101. Been a problem all day. Assume something is wrong with their server and will wait to see if someone is in Sunday to solve it.
  6. On Sunday/Boxing Day? Yeah, right...
    Have you tried switching off WiFi and connecting over 3G?
  7. squashbuddy

    squashbuddy New Member

    Thanks for all the replies

    I have been trying both 3g and WiFi and I don't think it's a server problem since my dad can connect to the market from hos HTC Desire on our WiFi.

    I think maybe the problem is that I didn't sync my google account at the initial setup and instead did the work-around.
  8. TheDood

    TheDood Member

    I am having the exact same problem. i am a US carrier and have a htc hero. i get the same error message and have been having trouble with this for the past 3 days. I talked to sprint and they said that the error was being caused by Google's android server.
  9. squashbuddy

    squashbuddy New Member

    It's just strange that a HTC Desire can connect to the market from the exact same network as I'm trying without any problems.
  10. TheDood

    TheDood Member

    yah i dont know what to do, ive factory reset twice now and have tried everything to fix this. does anyone think i just have a faulty device? i can connect to the internet fine and everything else works... which is weird idk why i cant connect.

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