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Android Market won't upgrade to Google PlaySupport

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  1. strts

    strts New Member

    Have a Wildfire S which I'm pleased with, because it does all I need of a phone, and just bought a new one for my other half to replace a very unsatisfactory Huawai. Bought the new Wildfire S mainly because I reckoned I'd be able to help her learn to use it.
    New phone had supplied Gingerbread which we updated immediately through 'Software Update' to 2.3.5 but, having done that, the Android Market app did NOT update to Google Play (which is what happened on my phone when I updated to 2.3.5).
    Consequently we can not now download anything onto the new phone.
    Can anyone advise how to upgrade Android Market to Google Play?
    Would prefer NOT to have to get involved in rooting the phone, but ...
    If it requires something technical to sort the problem please set it out in simple, non technical, idiot-proof terms! Many thanks.

  2. strts

    strts New Member

    Me here again - just to say 'problem solved'! Not quite sure how, but this evening we were able to log on and get the update to Google Play. Might have been because I went into Settings > Apps > Manage apps > All and 'stopped' all activity on Android Market, etc. When next logging onto via the Android Market icon it seemed to update to Google Play and everything is hunky dory. Cheers everyone!
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  3. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Glad you got it sorted out and thanks for posting back ;) :D
  4. serv5msk

    serv5msk Member

    On last week my phone was able to download and install apps via Android Market. No e-books and movies, of course. But I don't need them. It lately updated itself to Google Play without any special actions from me :).
  5. kido098

    kido098 New Member

    That's good I hope you enjoy ur wildfire s:)
  6. Davdi

    Davdi Well-Known Member Contributor

    YOu can always get google play on your PC and install anything from there to any of your devices as well.
  7. Katsu999

    Katsu999 Member

    When you install a fresh ROM you get the old Google on First Load.

    Reboot and reload, I think it auto-updates after the first 'base contact'.

    It may not happen first time, so reboot/reload a a second time, but at some point it will show you the new Google Play agreement, and off you go!
  8. sexylatintg

    sexylatintg New Member

    Thank you it worked perfect for me!!! :)
  9. srna

    srna New Member

    I had Google Play on my Xperia x10, but then i restored factory settings and now Market won't update to Google Play. How can I do it manually?

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