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  1. androidmaker

    androidmaker Member

    i only had my android phone a day its on t-mobile so i have the g1 but something i cant seem to work out is how do i clear searched history for apps in the android marketplace. if i have looks for an app with a keyword

    glad to be one of the android owners i plan to write apps for the os so if people have any ideas please let me know

    thank you for your help

  2. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One... VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums... and to clear the cache from the market simply go to settings > applications > manage applications > market and then click the clear cache button
  3. androidmaker

    androidmaker Member

    ok where is the clear cache button i gone it to mange apps and even click home nothing came up about it
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  4. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One... VIP Member

    settings > applications > manage applications > CLICK on market when it opens there will or should be a clear cache button....
  5. androidmaker

    androidmaker Member

    great thank you for your help
  6. androidmaker

    androidmaker Member

    but its still showing the keywords i have searched for ?
  7. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One... VIP Member

    then clear your browser

    2 ways to do it...

    1) settings> applications > manage applications > CLICK browser and clear

    2) Open Browser click menu button then more > settings then clear specific things like data, cookies, passwords etc...
  8. androidmaker

    androidmaker Member

    na that still dont work lol this is werid :D thank you again for your help
  9. androidmaker

    androidmaker Member

    anyone have any other ideas
  10. androidmaker

    androidmaker Member

    anyone have any other ideas
  11. androidmaker

    androidmaker Member

    anymore ideas guys
  12. ChilledMatt

    ChilledMatt Well-Known Member

    AFAIK it cannot be done from phone settings. I believe it can be done if you have root and you delete the relevant file. I have seen a post on here before that names the file.
  13. androidmaker

    androidmaker Member

    anyone have a link to that maybe i can write an app to do this if i know what file it is ?
  14. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Any app that use cache can be cleared by the following method :

    System settings > Applications > Manage Applications

    Then search for That Application, long press it then hit clear cache


    System settings > Applications > Manage Applications

    Then Find Market, LongPress Market then hit clear cache

    Then Find Browser, LongPress Browser then hit clear cache
  15. androidmaker

    androidmaker Member

    yes but this dont work that is what i been saying :d ps i am talking about when you serch for somting on the marketplace you cant clean the serched text
  16. ChilledMatt

    ChilledMatt Well-Known Member

  17. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

  18. eltimn

    eltimn New Member

  19. theartfullodger

    theartfullodger Well-Known Member

    On my N1, Settings=> Privacy => Factory Data Reset

    - clears it, along with shed-loads of other stuff (like downloaded apps..).

    Thankfully Google sync's back yr contacts & calendar & which APPs you'd purchased so you can download again for no-extra-charge....


  20. F1NinjaTZS

    F1NinjaTZS Member

    HistoryEraser will do it. Installed and not tried yet, but the user reviews in the market are all good!:D
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  21. gonzo61

    gonzo61 New Member

    Just downloaded MarketSearchEraser and it worked awesome.:)

    FINALLY.....after reading all the talk about rooting and of course the dreaded expert's feedback of "clearing cache" in manage application settings!!
  22. theclarks1

    theclarks1 New Member

    MarketSearchEraser will not work on my incredible, however the History Eraser will work.
  23. PGP_Protector

    PGP_Protector Well-Known Member

  24. bigsi5

    bigsi5 New Member

    Had the same problm but if you go into Manage Apps and hit Clear Data and then Clear Cache, all is good!
  25. bernell

    bernell New Member

    Awsome it worked great,

    Thanks much!

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