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  1. erixon

    erixon Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I bought my mom a Samsung Galaxy Spica for christmas, unlocked it, and I was just putting in the APN settings, the Telus APN settings have a MCC of 302 and MNC of 220. For whatever reason it comes up on the phone as MCC 302, and MNC 22. I can't change the MNC to 220 or else the APN settings don't save. I've seen on a few instances after searching google where people on Rogers have had MNC of 72 in their phone, when it was supposed to be 720, and sounded like it worked. Can anyone confirm that this is okay? There is also an unactivated SIM in it right now from Telus, I don't know if that will make a difference or not.

  2. erixon

    erixon Well-Known Member

    After activating the SIM, and putting in all other settings, phone works fine, weird.
  3. rainor94

    rainor94 Well-Known Member

    Similar thing happened to me on the Bell network. The APN settings seemed to get pushed though automatically for the phone once the sim is active.

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