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    Sep 21, 2012
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    Okay so I have some questions about the Nintendo 64 emulator called "Mupen64Plus for Android."
    First some info I am using a NEW Tmobile Samsung Galaxy S 2.
    Okay so I've seen videos of people playing complex games on their Galaxy 2 (Such as Legend Of Zelda OOT), BUT They are using N64oid,and I sometimes see very little to no lag at all. But when I try on Mupen64Plus I have lag or the sound it cutting off/lagging. Is this because I am using Mupen64Plus? Or is there a way to make it faster and smoother?

    To sum it up
    1. I use Mupen64Plus
    2. Sound/Video Lags a bit
    3. How do I make it Faster/Smoother
    3.1 Or do I need a better Emulator?:confused:

  2. Digital Controller

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    Sep 5, 2012
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    Hi thosmasa99, welcome to the site!

    Hopefully we can try and answer your question.

    Now i really dont know much about roms but i found this page: Mupen64 Plus, AE | SlideME

    It says here that there could be issues on modern devices, such as what you are describing, maybe you could email the maker and see for yourself.

    Otherwise you could go to the specific subforum for your phone or Android Lounge - Android Forums for someone to help you better with this issue.

    Sorry, if I couldnt help you that much.
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