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  1. zs184706

    zs184706 Member

    alright everybody, i've been researching for about 4 hours now and haven't fixed my problem at all... as a matter of fact, i may have made it worse

    i have a motorola milestone xt720... and a friend who said he could overclock it and upgrade it to 2.2.1..... he gave it back to me and it seemed like everything was good until i went to restart for the first time.

    restarted my phone and now i can't get past the boot up "M" screen

    i've gone into recovery mode and cleared my cache and done a factory erase/reset...

    i found a thread that said i could somehow flash my rom in recovery mode??? i'm not sure what that even means to be honest with you.. i'm a complete noob and i'm out 200 bucks because my friend (who lives in kentucky and doenst know how to fix it) is a bum.

    any help that any of you could give me would be very much appreciated..

  2. zs184706

    zs184706 Member

    nobody? pleaseee help me.. i need to fix this thing asap.. i dont wanna have to buy another phone tomorrow haha
  3. patrick848

    patrick848 Member

    First of all, don't let anyone do that kind of stuff to your phone without explaining exactly what's going on. I'm not exactly sure, but I'm pretty sure that you would need to flash a new SBF file to fix it. Look up rsd lite and find an SBF for your EXACT phone and then flash it, I'm sure that there are plenty of guides out there telling you how to do this. Hope it helps and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask!
  4. zs184706

    zs184706 Member

    i'm sorry to ask another stupid question.. but can you explain the "flashing" process.. i've looked up and downloaded rsd lite... and am in process of trying to find an sbf file... then what do i do? copy the sbf to sd card?
  5. zs184706

    zs184706 Member

    figured it out, youtube saved my ass, thanks for the help!
  6. barrybek

    barrybek New Member

    Having the same problem. Did a hard factory reset but XT720 will not boot up. It keeps cycling the M screen. Boot Loader says Battery Low Cannot Program, so I cannot connect to my PC. Please post link to your Youtube solution, or can anyone please advise. Thanks
  7. zs184706

    zs184706 Member

    email me at for solution. I also successfully upgrade to 2.2 and overclocked to 1 gigahertz

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