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  1. m00t

    m00t New Member

    Hi, I got my first g1 on friday but the screen was broken so i returned it for a new one on saturday and i' ve noticed some strange things. Sometimes when i unlock the phone i get the error message " not reponding" i hit force quit and nothin changes but it's frutrating just to see it almost every other unlock, is there any reason and/or fix for this. Also when i play music and switch it into widescreen mode SOMETIMES it switches itself back into the vertical view, is this normal for the accelerometer? Here is a list of the changes i have made to my phone:

    • Added 16gb sdhc card
    • Installed Pop pop popcorn
    • Installed gkcd
    • Installed shazam(actually just un-installed it)
    • installed LOLcats
    • Added music player widget to far left panel
    • Installed Picsay
    • Currently running cupcake 1.5 on rogers network.


  2. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Well-Known Member

    call tech support, you may have to return this phone as well.

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