Android on HTC Touch Diamond

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  1. mpg187

    mpg187 Well-Known Member

    I am running Android on my HTC Touch Diamond. A long time ago I downloaded a bunch of files (boot images, etc.) and a Windows Mobile Program called Haret.

    When I try to download apps from the market I always get "The download was unsuccessful"

    Does anyone know what could be causing this? Would a device running Android this way be blocked from the market (I think it worked before).

    The files I have were from my first Rogers Touch Diamond which broke. The HTC TD I have how is an unlocked Rogers one with a Bell SIM card. I setup the APN and proxy like I did in Windows mobile and I can use the browser and search on the market. This phone (in WinMo and Android) always thinks it's roaming.

  2. mpg187

    mpg187 Well-Known Member

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