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  1. droidorg

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    Who has not tried to run Android on Windows? Any fan of this system will definitely think about it. Until now, to install Android on your PC under Windows should start with the installation of virtual machines. And that's where we emerges project called WindowsAndroid. Through this project, we are able to run Android Ice Cream Sandwich as a regular program. The idea of such a solution are Chinese from the company SocketeQ.


    Installing the software takes a very simple steps based on the "Next"
    There's no denying that after loading the Android will not see too many applications that are available when you purchase the device from the system. There is no store even Google Play. However, the same layout, screen, options are mapped by the well-known Android.
    You are worried about lack of application? There is no problem, since each user can install them yourself. Just paste the apk to the appropriate directory windowsandroid_root \ data \ app.
    The application is very fast development and will see a new, improved version.

    Who's the solution?
    This could be said to play on the computer rather than the phone. However, many other factors, see why you should be interested in such a solution. You are writing an application for Android? You have the ability to test for a living and most importantly, the current system Android. Are you a webmaster? I do not know how your site will look on a mobile device? Now you can check it out. The application is also useful for curious people who can start their adventure with Android.

    After downloading: Downloads - Downloading appears Google Play, and many other applications that are missing after loading the android.

    video demonstration of the capability of android
    WindowsAndroid w Windows 7. Android po polsku na komputerze. Jazda pr

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    Very good idea :D good luck!
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  4. droidorg

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    In my opinion you can not compare.
    WindowsAndroid a separate application but mapping all android system and not just the possibility of uploading applications, as in the case of BlueStacks. I do not know which version has BlueStacks. Here we have the ICS
  5. dudev

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    i have installed it on my Windows 7 PC, but i can't open it, anyone can help me with this problem?

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