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Android OS background data HELP!Support

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  1. E_Nigma

    E_Nigma New Member

    Like the title suggests, my monthly data is being eaten by the Android OS running in the background. Over the past 17 days Android has used 1.17GB of data in the background. My last data cycle it only used 275MB and no more than 100MB before that. 275MB or less isn't really a huge problem since I don't use too much data over the course of a month but 1.17GB is a huge problem. I only have 2GB of data to use per month and I'm getting concerned that more than 2GB will be used by Android alone before my data resets in 14 days.

    I have done searching on various threads and other websites looking for the solution but it seems like most people fix this problem but disabling 'Back up my data' in the 'Backup and reset' page of the settings. That setting is already disabled and has been disabled since I got the phone when it first came out.

    Please help!

    **UPDATE** 11/4/13
    I installed a few updates over the weekend and after about a day and a half from running off of data only there doesn't seem to be ridiculous amounts of data being used by Android OS. I'm still running version 4.2.2 and I'm not really sure why I don't have the 4.3 update but I'm not worried about that. Data issue appears to be fixed but if i have problems in the future I will be back here.

  2. jj14x

    jj14x Guides Guide

    Is it possible that your phone is trying to download a new software update (4.3 perhaps)?
  3. motoracer1486

    motoracer1486 Well-Known Member

    Something strange is going on...Do you have automatic app updates? Automatic attachment downloads for email?
  4. E_Nigma

    E_Nigma New Member

    That might be a problem but I don't know why it would take that much data. Im still running Android 4.2.2 because I was going to root my phone but never had time to do it. One of my friends told me if I wanted to do that then I shouldn't download the update so I've been rejecting it for months. Honestly I don't know why I'm still doing it since I probably won't root it if I haven't already and I'm sure theres roots for newer versions anyway. I'll download that once I can get onto a steady wifi connection which might not be until this weekend. I'll report back when I have some news about my data usage.

    Automatic app updates would show up as data being used by Google Play Store (I had a problem with that in the past) and those are turned off. As for the emails, I'm pretty sure I have it set to only download attachments automatically when I'm on wifi. I can confirm that because I can't find that setting at the moment. But even if it is on I don't get enough emails with attachments so make such a huge difference and that should be classified as Mail or Gmail data.

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