Android OS file structure

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  1. bigor

    bigor Member


    does anybody knows where is Program Files directory on my htc tattoo. when I install any program where does it goes. i found under sys folder all system applications but not 3rd party applications.

    so i download apk files, this is instalation file. after i run it it install current application and create shortcut in program list. but where are files for current application

  2. swennl

    swennl Active Member

    you can download appmanager to backup apk files ... ?

    if you want to open an .apk file > on pc download winrar then you can open all apk files with winrar
  3. bigor

    bigor Member

    Tnx for replay.

    I am new to Android OS. Ok I know that apk file is something like zip. What happened when you run it, when you install it. Is it is extract? but where? You can find sys folder on your tattoo, and all of system applications are there, but where are 3rd party applications?
  4. swennl

    swennl Active Member

    thats hide on your phone you cant acces to that. but if you root ( jailbreake/hack) your phone you may acces to all thing in and on you phone but nobody has rooted this device YET.

    Why you need to know where the 3rd party apps are ?
  5. bigor

    bigor Member

    No particular reason. I just wanted to know better android os. is there any good online book or something i should read to know better?

  6. lazarus101

    lazarus101 Well-Known Member

    /data/app and /data/app-private for copy protected apps

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