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Android - Outlook - pop3 conflictSupport

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  1. datwyl01

    datwyl01 New Member

    ;)Aloha, My wife started complaining about her brand new Samsung Galaxy S2 from Tmo. Actually, not the phone itself, but about her email which she doesn't understand about the technology.

    Our ISP is our email provider, which is a pop3 account. She uses MS Outlook 07 on her computer. On her phone, the email was set up automatically, but I've checked the basic settings and they are okay.

    Here is her problem. She complained about email autoomatically disappearing from her phone after a couple of minutes. I checked other settings on the phone and find them to be okay. I happened to notice her computer was on and Outlook was open. I ran few test emails. The email would appear on the phone when I refresh the inbox. Then I would refresh the inbox on Outlook, and the email on the phone would disappear. Obviously there is a conflict between Outlook and the Mail app on the phone, in relation to the pop3 server. I explained this to her, but she disagrees.

    Her demands: She wants to be able to see her email on both the phone and Outlook without either one disappearing. She also wants to be able to delete email on either device, when she is ready.

    I'm sure this is a simple fix in Outlook - something to do with unchecking or checking an option to delete email from the server. Can anyone shed some light on this so that I can tell my wife "I told you so" and make me look like her savior. LOL.

  2. Xerses

    Xerses Well-Known Member

    Simple POP3 configuration issue in your Outlook.

    In Outlook 2007, click Tools, click on Accounts
    Open the e-mail account in question by double clicking on it.

    In the account configuration window, click on the More Settings button on the bottom right.

    The last tab at the top of the new Window is Advanced Options, click on it.

    In the bottom section of this tab click on Leave a Copy on the server
    Click on the other 2 check boxes if you require (they are self explanatory).

    Most of this is from memory so the terms may be a bit off, but this is exactly what you are looking for.
  3. datwyl01

    datwyl01 New Member


    Thanks for the steps. So far so good. So my wife didn't believe me when I tried to explain this techno stuff to her. so I went into her email and made the change to her settings and it worked. All she can say now is "IDK, I don't understand it." so my reply to her is "That's why I'm your knight in shinning armor." LOL. Thanks.:)
  4. Xerses

    Xerses Well-Known Member

    Glad I could help! Feel free to hit the Thanks button ;)
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