Android PC Suite Not Detecting DeviceSupport

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  1. nikibohoi

    nikibohoi New Member

    i have MICROMAX A60 fone with ANDROID 2.1 Eclairs. And i have updated the PC SUITE. But the device is showing disconnected. It is not detecting the device.....:mad:

  2. txrxio

    txrxio Well-Known Member

    Have you tried turning it off and on again? (thanks IT Crowd)

    Yesterday my phone didn't seem to be connecting to my PC, tried several times in a row. I turned off the power to the phone completely, then turned it back on and it worked fine after that.
  3. sivakum

    sivakum New Member

    could you please let me know the which version of Pc suite u are using..

    I am not able to find.. it would be great if u provide me the link for the software...

    Thanks in advance..
  4. vipulchandra

    vipulchandra Member

    hey.!!here's the solution for that above problems! :)

    in fact you cannot sync the device with pc.! rather u can transfer files through PC to Mobile.!
    All u need is to Mount the device in the mobile as soon as you connect the data cable.!
    1.connect the data cable to system.
    2.go to notifications in mobile.
    3.IN notifications u'll find "USB CONNECTED" select that to copy files from your computer. click on it. "MOUNT" then.
    5.Done. you are connected. with the system as USB flash drive.!
  5. ejurassic

    ejurassic New Member

    @nikibohoi: From where can we download PC suite for Mcromax A60 ???
  6. kaleemansari75

    kaleemansari75 New Member

    Hi plz provide me linkof pc suit of andro a60. driver cd is not working its some digitel signature problem how can we download new driver of its. :confused:
  7. nitusinggh

    nitusinggh New Member

    thanks a ton buddy... u really helped me a lot in using my a60.... :)
  8. mirunmanish

    mirunmanish New Member

    Hi guys

    I was looking vividly for a pc suite for my first android.. unfortunately, micromax does not have one. There is one free application My Phone Explorer you can install in your phone along with a client on your PC. Voila.. You can now connect to your phone via wi-fi or usb, and use the phone for sending/receiving messages, synchronizing phone contacts etc. You review for this software may be posted here for others. Personally i am very satisfied with this software.
    P.S: i am not the developer for this software. was just too satisfied in using this on my phone :)

  9. PremChaturvedi

    PremChaturvedi New Member

    kindly let me know the pc suite link for Micromax A-60 Android mobile phone to connect with pc desktop. Prem Chaturvedi

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