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Android Phone 7 Theme

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  1. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    II Kings:

    Well, the first image sized at 470px a 125px should work perfect.

    If you could post or personal message a full-sized screenshot, it would be easier to see where the problem could be.

    Without seeing a screenshot, however, I can only run through the typical errors others have made:

    1. LauncherPro "Homescreen" settings at 4-columns and 5-rows (NOT the "5 Icon rows in homescreen" setting).
    2. LauncherPro "Homescreen" settings for "Auto-Fit Items" checked.
    3. Notification bar NOT hidden.

    These are the only things I can think of right now.

  2. II Kings 9:20

    II Kings 9:20 Well-Known Member

    Man, you are incredible. This thing is perfect now :D Thanks so much. Must have missed that in the 300+ posts. Thanks again. I am sending you a PM.
  3. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    No problem. I know it's a lot to go through all of the posts... I didn't expect this thread to get so big! I do try to keep the first post updated with new and pertinent information, but even that post is kinda getting out of hand.

    Glad it worked! Let me know if you need anything else.
  4. Fenway72

    Fenway72 Member

    I have a droid 2.

    The problem I am having is that I assumed that the 110x260 for my vertical icons across the bottom were for my phone. I looked around and cannot find the sizes for my particular phone so I guesed.

    They look good and nicely spaced.

    The problem is that when I put 2 230x125 icons above these, there is a wide gap between them.
    What sizes do I need to have the same gap from the top row to the bottom row as I have with the 4 side-by-side? Example:

  5. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member


    Please read the first post in its entirety: Android Phone 7 Theme.

    The answer to your question is in that first post, but you need to know the resolution of your phone. The dimensions you are using for your images are wrong. A simple Google search found that the resolution for your device is 480x854. In the first post there is a link to image dimensions for this resolution: DroidX Desktop Visualizer Widget Dimensions.

    I'm sure this will fix your problem.

    PS: As much as I appreciate ASCI art as much as the next person, full-sized screenshots are imperative for figuring out problems that occur on the pixel-level.
  6. Fenway72

    Fenway72 Member

    Right, but I don't have a droid x. I have a droid 2. res is different. The x is a much larger screen. As I said- I cannot find dimentions for the Droid 2.
  7. Fenway72

    Fenway72 Member

    Yeah, my ASCI sucks pretty bad. I uploade pics, check it now. Hopefully it's better than my ASCI.
  8. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member


    Actually, according to Motorola's website:

    The DROID X has a 4.3-in.; WVGA (480 x 854).
    The DROID 2 has a 3.7-in.; FWVGA (480 x 854).

    The DROID 2 screen is really smaller than the DROID X, but still has the same resolution due to increased pixel density.

    The dimensions you used are for a 480x800 resolution. The DROID X image dimensions should work fine for your phone.

    If you're still having problems, please post a screenshot.


    PS: There's definitely nothing wrong with ASCI... I think it's a lost art!
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  9. Fenway72

    Fenway72 Member

    Awesome info. Thanks for taking the time. I think this will set me straight!
  10. Fenway72

    Fenway72 Member

    Here it is with the correct sizes. I even put the droid in the coliseum image for the droid forums icon. (felt creative)

  11. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member


    Looks awesome! You have to post those icons (especially that Droid Forums one).

    Good work!
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  12. Fenway72

    Fenway72 Member

    Here ya go! (I take no credit for the facebook image, borrowed that from the OP. I couldn't fine a better pic that I liked more. That was a good find on his part!)

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  13. icarus

    icarus New Member

    I love this theme and figured I'd share too.



    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]




    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  14. II Kings 9:20

    II Kings 9:20 Well-Known Member

    Nice pics Fenway. I like your Droid forums and took the liberty of yanking it for my own. How does one link an icon to a website like our beloved andriod forums? I am only able to link to apps?
  15. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    II Kings:

    In Desktop Visualizer (after setting your image):

    1. Press [Select Action].
    2. Press [Other].
    3. Press [Bookmark] (or the Bookmarks link for your specific browser if not stock).
    4. Pick your bookmark.

    Done! Of course the website you want to link to has to be in your bookmarks already.

    Hope this helps!
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  16. Fenway72

    Fenway72 Member

    or you could do it the old-school way.

    1 Save pic to desktop (or wherever you want it) on your PC.
    2 Get a photobucket or imageshack account (free)
    3 upload pics to the site you chose
    4 on the site copy the direct link URL
    5 then use the link image icon above the message box (looks like a picture of a mountain) it's beneath the paperclip icon- and pase the url there.

    Looking forward to seeing what you've done with it. And feel free to use them however you wish.
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  17. dargofargo

    dargofargo Member

    nice! that's Awesome!
  18. II Kings 9:20

    II Kings 9:20 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, worked like a charm.
  19. II Kings 9:20

    II Kings 9:20 Well-Known Member

    Thanks- would try if first plan failed. Planning on some screen shots once I get some additional original materials.

    Here is something I found that may hlp some of the less savy guys like me.

    Re sizing pics on the desktop to the exact pixel that is appropriate for your phone wirks great. In other words, if you snatch a Droid X icon for A Fascinate, you simply do the arithmetic to resize for your phone's dimensions (which have been posted here) in your favorite program and the fit is perfectly. I pulled some pics from google that this worlked like a charm on. I found a few that needed adjustment. It may be subtle but a long press on the icon in will show a yellow outline if the pic is the wrong size. Simply re sizing the widget in LPP won't work because as you resize the widget, it also resizes the icon in an equal fashion.
  20. choccy

    choccy Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna try and get some more done soon, have to admit it is quite hard finding suitable pictures. I'm trying to work on getting some more brighter ones, as some are a little dark / dull IMO.
  21. cubewalker

    cubewalker Well-Known Member

    Nice work! Thanks
  22. Excedio

    Excedio Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone..thought I'd share a tutorial with you all on how to make these icons using Gimp. Since Photoshop is not on everyone's machine ($$$) and Gimp is a great free alternative, this might be useful. Enjoy! :D

    How To | Android Phone 7 Icons in Gimp Android Excedio
  23. gwcaton

    gwcaton Well-Known Member

    You are a saint !! my trial version of PS5 expires in two days !! Thanks !!
  24. dingopb

    dingopb Member

  25. II Kings 9:20

    II Kings 9:20 Well-Known Member

    What he said- a saint.

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