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  1. DT3CH

    DT3CH Well-Known Member

    I thought I may have seen issues using ADB/Tools when running Windows 64bit, you 64 or 32?

    I tried it last night on my laptop at home x64 and had the same issue you are talking about, I gotta look into it too, if I find anything Ill post up in here for you

    IMO the easiest route is just too root it, plus if you are worried about warranty then they are easy to un-root, Shoot Me works well

  2. gamerhan

    gamerhan New Member

    yes. it works now after i changed the row to 5. thanks alot! :)
  3. DT3CH

    DT3CH Well-Known Member

    Just found out something interesting for those that wanna take screens....

    If you are on 2.2 (not sure if all phones will work but I can confirm it works on the SGS) hold the back button on the phone and then hit the home button, screenshot will be taken, no app/program or rooting need :)
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  4. MickeyCee

    MickeyCee Well-Known Member

    Will def use that when samsung or att hook up my captivate with 2.2...thanks for the info.
  5. DT3CH

    DT3CH Well-Known Member

    No prob ;)
  6. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    That's awesome news. Can't wait for the update!

  7. TwinsMomVA

    TwinsMomVA Well-Known Member

    I LOVE this thread!! I'm so inspired and have spent this snowy day finally getting my Fascinate the custom look I've been searching for since my upgrade. I completely agree that DVR is the only way to give each of us the ability to really customize a look that isn't just a rehash of widgets and wallpaper. Thank you so much!

    I tried to find the original thread for the 50's icons but it's all becoming a blur now. Was this for a different screen as I seem to recall? Have they been sized for the Incredible/Galaxy? If not I'm happy to do so, I just didn't want to reinvent the wheel.
  8. TwinsMomVA

    TwinsMomVA Well-Known Member

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  9. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member


    Sorry, I never got around to making these images for different resolutions. You are correct that they are for a 320x480 resolution (Eris, etc.).

    If you would like to give it a go, here are links to my Dropbox with the original images:

    Original Images 50's - General

    Original Images 50's - Pinup Girls

    Hope this helps!
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  10. neil363

    neil363 Member

    Am on Windows 64bit, so would be grateful if you could find a way round. Tried the back button and home screen trick but just put the screen into the multi view mode. No shot taken.

    I'm not worried about the warranty on my phone and did consider rooting, but then decided that if I couldnt work out how to take a simple screenshot, I'd have no chance with the rooting!! I guess in the back of my mind I see rooting as something only for those advanced players and not something I should be getting into!

    It may be my only option though.

    Oh, and should really add, I've installed and reinstalled the sdk soooo many times my brain hurts!!
  11. alanamaslama

    alanamaslama Well-Known Member

    Danboard 7 Icons

    I somehow deleted or misplaced the Camera icon, but I have another one in there instead (that I like better anyway). I included all the icons, but I also included the original photos in case you wanted a different layout. There's also a couple "alternative" photos in there that you might like better.
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  12. DT3CH

    DT3CH Well-Known Member

    Ok Ill see what I can come up with.... Im slow and lazy so it may take some time

    As far as rooting... its very simple actually most root tools are 1 click automated affairs, heres a link for you if you wanted to give it a go.... I believe your device is compatible even though it doesnt show in the list..

    Or this one...
  13. neil363

    neil363 Member

    Cheers, I'll take a look.

    And apologies to everyone for going totally off topic. This is a great thread with some cracking images. Keep it up!
  14. neil363

    neil363 Member

    FINALLY!! After what seems like hours trying to sort the screenshots without rooting, I've got there. Took a combination of reading a million webpages, guides etc... and moving files around left right and centre.....In the end though, I got there. Again, thanks to Paul for his guides and forum posts.

    I'm quite happy with my layout and icons seeing as I had no photoshop experience a month ago. Now I have saved the shots, I can start playing around a little more.

    So, here goes!! From left to right (excluding my boring calendar page!!):


    Just glad I've finally been able to take the pics!!

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  15. gwcaton

    gwcaton Well-Known Member

    Good job neil
  16. acuk

    acuk Active Member


    Just wondering what size your files are for the images? Mine are ranging from 3MB to 10MB!!.. I'm sure that they are not meant to be that big?!

    I have put them on the phone and the dimensions are all correct so i have no idea what's going on?

    OK, Just looked at the dimensions on my PC and they seem massive!! For example a 230 x 260 is coming out 6520 x 7370. But that's strange because when i cropped the picture i specified 230x260. And that goes for all the images, but they have all got massive dimensions. Does anyone know how to sort that? Thanks!
  17. MickeyCee

    MickeyCee Well-Known Member

    Very nice!
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  18. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    How are you cropping the images? Are you using Photoshop or GIMP? If you're using Photoshop, don't forget to also enter a new resolution setting in the options bar. If you're using GIMP, you have to crop the image to the correct proportion and the lower the resolution by going to [Image]-> [Scale Image] and adjust it down to the correct pixel dimensions.

    Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.
  19. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    Looks good! Thanks for posting!
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  20. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    Hello, everyone.

    Well, I can't seem to put this theme to rest. Here are some examples of a few weather widgets that I reskinned to match the theme:


    Uploaded with

    The widgets consist of AccuWeather, Snowstorm, and WeatherEye.

    Please note that the AccuWeather one requires LauncherPro Plus to resize the widget from 4-rows to 2-rows to get it to look right.

    They are available for download in the Widget Pack from this post: Android7 Widgets.

    Please also note that these are only for a 480x800 resolution.

    Hope you like them! (Hope they work, too. Remember, I don't write the apps... I just make them look pretty.)
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  21. acuk

    acuk Active Member

    Thanks for replying.

    I'm using Photoshop to crop the pictures with and i did change the resolution to 72. I just basically copied what you did earlier on in this thread. But somehow mine have become massive :eek:
  22. tsmvengy

    tsmvengy New Member

    Just wanted to show you all what I've done with this. I made some new icons (Scanner, Games, Bikes, FourSquare, Twitter, Wordfeud, Tools, Transit). I noticed someone else had used the Twitter and Wordfeud images after I had found them on GIS!




    Uploaded with
  23. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    Good work. Thanks for posting!
  24. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    Maybe post a few so we can take a look at them... or PM me a link with the images.
  25. acuk

    acuk Active Member

    Cheers. Here's a link to my photobucket with the images. I tried to post them directly here, but they came out too big!

    Pictures by acuk_87 - Photobucket

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