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Android Phone 7 Theme

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  1. bluviper

    bluviper New Member

    hi there! first of all i want to thank paulmz, because of this thread, i had the courage to whip and try android 7 themes...

    after reading almost 80% of the thread.... i made this
    its 320x480 screen. forgive me for the sloppy text on the icons. maybe next time ill try to use another font for that...

    the only problem in this theme is that, those phone 7 icons is just but icons.
    they dont notify... :((

    im having trouble running the APK editor on my PC.
    hope some can whip some 320x480 on that Blue unread sms app.

    i salute you paulmz.. thanks for clearing the sizes...

  2. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    I was trying really hard to NOT reskin all of the widgets in all of the possible sizes and colors that everyone wanted.

    But, seeing as though I'm a sucker for people who at least attempt things for themselves...

    I posted a link to the first of the blue tile widgets for a 320x480 resolution here: Android 7 Widgets.

    It's just the SMS Unread Count widget for now... and I didn't recreate the icons from scratch like before. I just resized the ones I made already, which distorted them a little. Let me know how they work and maybe I'll get around to resizing the rest of them.

    Hope this helps!
  3. brocja01

    brocja01 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for putting together the widgets!!! I would like to do something simple with them, like change the color of them, what do you use to unpack and repack the apk files?
  4. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    I use APK Manager. I think it's on the XDA forum. I'm not at my computer so I can't post the link.
  5. angmariec

    angmariec Member

    Thanks Paul and all other contributors to this thread, what great info and ideas! Here is the first screen I put together, thought I'd share. Used some of the great images already here, edited some, and made some myself. Only 6 more screens to go! Cheers.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. Shorte85

    Shorte85 Well-Known Member

    Here's what I had been working on the past 2 days. I like it, it'll be like this for a while form now. :p Til I at least think of another customizing theme.


    Left Screen

    Right Screen

    I made the dock, wallpaper, and the icons on the left screen, home screen were icons found on a icon site. The images for the left screen were images found online that I had chopped and scaled down or whatever that was needed to be done to look good for the size of the widget.

    Home Screen: Flashlight, Camera, Beautiful Widgets and smooth calendar
    Left Screen: Gallery, MovieFone, Internet, Facebook, Alarm, Maps, and Gmail
    Right Screen: Calwidget
  7. angmariec

    angmariec Member

    Couple more. Only including the images I made myself or resized to add to the ones people can use if they wish. The rest came from this thread. :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    Okay, everyone. I finally got around to reskinning most of the tile widgets in both red and [Android] green:


    The whole collection for 480x800 resolutions is here: Android7 Widgets.

    Hope you find them useful!
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  9. -Tommy

    -Tommy New Member

    Does anyone want to make me some icons for Wimp and Spotify? :) With Helvitca font
  10. darthtata85

    darthtata85 Member

    Hi everyone im fairly new here been reading through and i cant figure out on my Desire HD to get the 5 rows setting it isnt listed at all? any ideas? or how can i close the gap?
  11. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    I assume that you're using LauncherPro? All you need to do is press: [Menu]-> [Preferences]-> [Homescreen Settings]-> [Number of Rows]-> [5].

    Hope this helps!
  12. KiaB.

    KiaB. Member

    I'm trying to create the danboard theme, but I'm having a hard time. My photoshop is acting up. I know what icons I want, I'm just having trouble creating it. Does anyone mind helping me out a bit, or maybe someone could post a danboard theme already made for the Samsung Epic resolutions?

    I would greatly appreciate it. :)
  13. TB_Inspired

    TB_Inspired Member

    Hey paulmz,

    First off, thanks for such a great thread, but more importantly, creating an idea that tons of people like. Since I landed on this thread, I have read through most of all the pages and finally decided to give this a shot. I have a Bravo and my dimensions are 480x854. I thought this was similar to the DroidX's 480x854. However, after cropping icons for just one screen and placing the images into DVR, this didn't work out so well. I used the dimensions you supplied for the DroidX:
    1x2: 110x282
    1x3: 110x428
    1x4: 110x574
    2x1: 230x136
    3x1: 350x136
    4x1: 470x136
    4x4: 470x574
    Large (3x3): 350x428
    Middle (2x2): 230x282
    Small (1x1): 110x136

    For LauncherPro, I made sure to check that I had 5 rows from the homescreen settings, along with autofit selected. This isn't the case. I'm not sure where I went wrong, as I triple-checked the dimensions to my newly-created icons. Also, my phone isn't rooted so I can't provide a screen shot so you can see what I actually mean. Is there anyway for me to show you my screen?
  14. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    Well, we will definitely need to take a look at what you have going. I probably won't be able to work on it until later tonight, but definitely post or PM me full-sized screenshots so I can see where the problem is.

    No big deal. We'll figure it out. We may need to run a test or two, but we'll get it.
  15. TB_Inspired

    TB_Inspired Member

    How should I get you SS without unrooting my device?
  16. MickeyCee

    MickeyCee Well-Known Member

  17. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    I don't quite get the question. I thought that it was easier to get a screenshot when you are rooted. All you would need is an app like "Shoot Me".
  18. MickeyCee

    MickeyCee Well-Known Member

    lol I just caught the UNrooted part of it.
  19. kolipe

    kolipe Well-Known Member

    Hi buddy, any chance you could share the images? the customisation across screens is awesome!
  20. TB_Inspired

    TB_Inspired Member

    Haha, thanks! Maybe I should have put the UN- part in bold or something.

    Here is my screen shot:


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  21. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    Please post a full-sized screenshot. This one is 360x641 for some reason.

    But, just from looking at it quick... you're positive that you have the "Auto-Fit Items" option selected? That's the only thing that stands out right away.
  22. TB_Inspired

    TB_Inspired Member

    I'm sorry, I didn't know that!

    Please don't mind the dock, I was trying it out and forgot to take it off.


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  23. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    Well, I still can't figure it out. How exactly are you taking screenshots? It still isn't full-sized. It should be 480x854 and it's 450x800. I need to look at a full-sized image so I can get the exact pixel sizes and spacing of your icons.

    Anyway... while I'm troubleshooting... I just want to make sure that it's set to 5-rows under the "Homescreen Settings" and not the "5 Icon rows in homescreen" under "Advanced Settings".
  24. TB_Inspired

    TB_Inspired Member

    For some reason, ImageShack changed my file size. I PMed you instead.
  25. allhailcale

    allhailcale Member

    My first run at a W7-ish theme:

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