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  1. SoundQcar

    SoundQcar Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Phone is a Droid X.

    I have some experience with the icons on your phone. Paulmz' icons lined up very nice for me without resizing. I simply used the proper dimensions in Desktop Visualizer, and put 'em where they looked good.

    I never have had to resize with LP, nor have I ever started with a bigger dimension, and sized down. I think your 1x2's aren't lining up with the 2x1's because you've resized with LP?

    Stick with it, it's looking good so far.

  2. BlondeeLox

    BlondeeLox Active Member

    I didn't resize any of the ones of the screenshots. They are the same ones from Paulmz' screenshots. I did try resizing them to make them fit for my Evo but what we are getting just isn't lining up right so I figured someone might be able to help figure out the sizing of pixels I need for my phone.
  3. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member


    From your screenshots I noticed one problem:

    Hit [MENU], [Preferences], [Homescreen Settings], and change the number of rows from 4 to 5.

    Also, the widget sizes looked a bit off... just making sure you're using the images that I made for the Incredible (and not the DroidX).
  4. BlondeeLox

    BlondeeLox Active Member

    Wow!! Looks great! Now only if I could get mine to look that good. What phone do you have?
  5. BlondeeLox

    BlondeeLox Active Member

    How does this look? & to think all I needed to do was change the number of rows!! Thanks Paul!!! :D

  6. SoundQcar

    SoundQcar Well-Known Member

    That looks wonderful. Great job!
  7. BlondeeLox

    BlondeeLox Active Member

    Paul: I noticed on your screenshots that you have widget photos for Entertainment, Games, Travel... are you able to connect those to folders with multiple applications??? For instance I would normally have a folder that contains all my games. Am I able to do such a thing using Launcher Pro? I am assuming there is since you have the Entertainment widgets etc. but I can not seem to figure out how to do it. Please explain. Thanks!
  8. BlondeeLox

    BlondeeLox Active Member

    Thanks. I changed up the dock and am still working on the other pages but at least figuring out what size widgets I can use is out of the way!
  9. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member


    There are two good apps that work much better than organizing into folders:

    App Categories

    Smart Shortcuts

    Both of these apps let you easily categorize apps into whatever group you want, and then you just select that group as the shortcut for the widget. When you press on the widget, it activates a pop-up with just those apps in that category:


    Uploaded with

    I'm using the Smart Shortcuts right now. They are both extremely similar, but App Categories arranges items only by how you rate them while Smart Shortcuts offers that plus an option to list the apps alphabetically (which I like).
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  10. BlondeeLox

    BlondeeLox Active Member

    Thanks Paul! I'm def going to try that.

    I also wanted to know if you knew of a widget that was similar to the bookmarks widget on HTC Sense? I really like that widget and would like to find something similar but can't seem to find one on the market that does the same thing. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member


    It's looking really good so far. But (and please, don't hate me, but my OCD makes me do it) I see that the spacing between the widgets is still a bit off. I checked your icons and they are too tall by 1-pixel per row (ie. the 2x1 should be 125px high but are 126px, the 1x2 should be 260px but are 262px, etc.). I don't know where the extra pixel came from, but it's keeping the layout from having a symmetrical 10-pixel space around all of the widgets.

    Again, I apologize for "nit-picking". It does look really good. Awesome job on copying the style I used for the original images. It's just like I did them myself! You should definitely post them to share.

    It's fun to make things from scratch... you can really call your layout "your own"... right?
  12. BlondeeLox

    BlondeeLox Active Member

    Ok so I installed the Smart Shortcuts, def what I was looking for. BUT I now how are you able to make these into a widget photo? I am seeing the option that you can make them into their own widget i.e. applications, bookmarks, contacts etc. I tried making a widget photo for my games and bookmarks but it only allows me to make a widget photo for Smart Shortcuts not the individual widgets (if that makes sense). Like you have a Games Widget Photo... does that open to your games folder from Smart Shortcut like your screenshot shows?
  13. BlondeeLox

    BlondeeLox Active Member


    No I have OCD too and I don't know how to really fix any of those types of issues so you can nit pick all you want! The thing I don't get is that in photoshop I am putting the demensions the same as you did in your original post, so 1x2 is 110x260, 2x1 is 230x125 and that's what I am putting in photoshop so I am not understanding why it's adding pixels once I get them on my phone if that's what's happening??? Let me know what I can do to figure this out because I would like it to be symmetrical.

    I do find it fun to find the images and make the layout my own. Your idea was awesome and I am having fun doing it too. I don't know a whole lot about customizing my Evo I just know there is TONS that can be customized and in a sense too much to make one even want to try, if that makes sense. SO when my husband showed me your layout I was like "ok I can do this." I am coming from the iPhone so doing things such as this to my Evo is a big change for me. So I gave it a shot and look what I can do! lol I will post the ones I have made once I get the chance.
  14. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    Well, I guess it would depend on the browser that you are using. I was just looking into the Dolphin Add-Ons, and they have a Bookmarks Widget for that. I don't really use widgets anymore (other than Desktop Visualizer) so I couldn't say.

    I assume you're using LauncherPro, and if you're using LauncherPro Plus (I don't think these are available on the standard LauncherPro) there are several Bookmarks Widgets similar to the HTC Sense:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    But my favorite is this:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It pops right up no matter what screen you're on. It's vertical scrollable and can be a dock press or swipe.
  15. BlondeeLox

    BlondeeLox Active Member

    Paul: My husband figured out how to make the games folder a widget photo. Thanks tho
  16. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    I'm kinda at a loss. I tried saving images a bunch of different ways (as a .png normal, as a .png interlaced, as a Save For Web .png) and they all come up on the mobile screen at the correct size. How are you doing the image resizes? Are you using the crop tool (Image Resizing Using Photoshop) or resizing the image through the "Image Resize" option? The only thing I can think of is that the Evo is doing it... maybe the screen resolution isn't exactly 480x800...? I'm not sure. You can send me a few of the .psd icon files you made and I can check the actual files if you want... see if I can find what's off.
  17. BlondeeLox

    BlondeeLox Active Member

    I am cropping the pictures the same way you explained in the thread. So I am not too sure why they are coming out the wrong size. My husband suggested that maybe the Evo is stretching the pictures since the screen is so big but we know the screen resolution.... I don't know what's going on either...
  18. BlondeeLox

    BlondeeLox Active Member

    Here's some of the images I created for those who are interested:







    Paul: I don't know if these will help you figure it out... let me know what else I can do to figure this out. Thanks!
  19. gwcaton

    gwcaton Well-Known Member

    paulmz,, just wanted to send a big thanks for this thread. Been following for a couple weeks.
    started out by downloading the images you posted and then decided to try my hand. Downloaded CS5 and after a couple hrs here and there for a week I think I finally have the basics down.
    BUT I have one question: how do i get the text bar to be uniform on all images ? I'm sure it's easy and staring me n the face or I wouldn't be overlooking it .

    Oh just in case there's another original MT3G user out there, I used the Droid eris settings and i think the images I made came out great , except the text bar ;)

    Thanks again and keep up the great work !

    Update : Figured out the text box thing. Now all i need is some quality pics and I'm in business. thanks again for your work.
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  20. mlj11

    mlj11 Member

    Hi! I signed up just so I could post in this thread :)

    Firstly, I too want to thank you for sharing your creativity and also for your helpfulness.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S which has a resolution of 480x800, and I've used your setup to great effect. Picking up on a few things that have been said on this thread, I have a few questions:

    1) How do I take screenshots without rooting? (I know there were some screenshot apps in the Market before, but they all seem to require root now.)

    2) What size for the icons should I use if:
    a) I want to hide the notification bar; or
    b) I want to turn off "Auto-Fit Items" (it causes some of my widgets to get cut off at the bottom); or
    c) I want to do both?

    I would really appreciate any input! :D
  21. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member

    So, answers to your questions:

    1. I do my screenshots without rooting through the SDK. I honestly can't remember where I found the information about how to do it, but the most recent places I find the correct info are:
    Android Central - Taking Screenshots Without Root
    Android Community - Screenshot Without Root

    Basically, it comes down to four things: make sure you have the USB drivers for your phone installed on the computer, make sure your Java is complete and up to date, download the SDK (Android SDK), and make sure your phone is set to USB Debug Mode. After that, on your computer just go to the folder with your SDK-> android-sdk-windows-> tools-> ddms. Once the "Dalvik Debug Monitor" comes up, click on your phone (connect it via USB if it's not already), then click "Device" in the menu bar, and click "Screen Capture".

    2. (a) I will list these dimensions on a separate post to make it easier to find for everyone.

    EDIT: I already posted these dimensions before: DROID Incredible Desktop Visualizer Image Dimensions With Notification Bar Hiding

    2. (b) Turning off Auto-Fit doesn't really do anything useful. The actual widget area stays the same- it just makes the image in the widget unrestricted beyond the boundaries of the widget, which makes the images overlap in unintentional ways. I don't know about the bottom widgets being cut off. Could you post a screenshot (after you get it working) so I can take a look at it?

    2.(c) I guess I will give it a shot to see how it works and let you know.

    Finally, thanks for the thanks. It's nice to be appreciated!
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  22. BlondeeLox

    BlondeeLox Active Member

    Here's step by step directions on how to take screenshots without rooting. This is what I followed and taking screenshots this way is a piece of cake!

    How to take screenshots of your Android based phone from Windows – Simple Help
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  23. paulmz

    paulmz Well-Known Member


    All of the image are dead-on perfect. And on the Evo, the horizontal spacing is correct at 10 pixels. I don't understand why the vertical spacing varies, but it seems consistent. The only thing I can suggest right now is trying to make the images 1-pixel larger (in height only) per widget height (ie. add 1 pixel to a 2x1, add 2 pixels to a 1x2, add 3 pixels to a 1x3, etc.). Theoretically this shouldn't work. It should just force Desktop Visualizer to squeeze the taller image into the widget, which in turn makes it narrower to keep it in proportion.

    If you want to post or private message more screenshots of different image sizes or your new homescreen with widgets selected, I would be glad to take another look at it.

    Thanks for posting the widget images. They look great!
  24. mlj11

    mlj11 Member

    Hi paulmz and BlondeeLox,

    Thanks for your replies! I'll work on getting screenshots soon.


    I used the dimensions you posted for icon sizes on the DRIOD Incredible, and they work perfectly on my SGS. Many thanks :)

    In fact, they work with or without Auto-Fit turned on (as far as my naked eye can see), so you don't have to go to the trouble of figuring out different sizes.

    As for Auto-Fit: it's not that the widgets at the bottom of the screen get cut off, but rather the lower portion of individul widgets may fail to display properly. Two widgets that this happens to are Digital Clock by Maize (the date portion gets cut in half if I have my phone notification bar unhidden) and Android Agenda Widget by Everybody all the time (the last agenda entry gets pushed too far down, cutting it in half).

    That's why I prefer to have Auto-Fit diabled.

    Anyway, since the dimensions you gave work perfectly, I can have Auto-Fit off without affecting my theme! I'll try and find some time to post screenshots and share my icons.

    Many thanks again! :)

    TJTHEBEST Well-Known Member

    How'd you do it?

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