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  1. galapogos

    galapogos Active Member


    I'm trying to get easytether working on my HTC Dream. I have the XP drivers installed already on the PC, which was previously working fine with a Motorola CLIQ. However, when I plug in my Dream(USB debugging mode on), Windows pops up a dialog asking for drivers for "Android phone". The easytether task manager icon also doesn't show a "Connect" option.

    How do I install the "Android phone" drivers for the Dream?


  2. Swizz

    Swizz Well-Known Member

  3. galapogos

    galapogos Active Member

    Hi, thanks

    Are there any mirrors for the file? I can't seem to download it from the google android developers website.
  4. galapogos

    galapogos Active Member

    OK, I downloaded the file using another PC, I think the PC that I'm trying to install it on is blocking some google servers.

    However, once I started installation, it still tries to download files from the google servers, which ended up in failure. Is there a way to perform offline installation, specifically just the USB drivers?

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