Android Phone with Call Recording Function

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  1. I would like to compile a list of Android phones that either...

    1) Comes with native call recording functionality.
    2) Support call recording with 3rd party applications.

    It would be great if you can lend a hand.

    Please note that phone/apps that require using speakerphone to record the calls do *not* count. That's a ugly hack I consider marginally useful.

    Please don't bring legality discussions here as well.


    Models that have this function built-in.
    • Meizu M9
    • Samsung Galaxy S (South Korean version SHW-M110S, with firmware DH09 or newer)

    Models that don't have this function built-in but can use a 3rd party app/hack/ROM to record calls in both ways without turning on speakerphone.

    Note: See this ( for a detailed explanation of this particular issue.

    Update: Moving this thread to XDA since most hacks are discussed there and generally they're more "hackish" not suitable for this forum...

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  2. tommy_ed

    tommy_ed Well-Known Member

    just go to the market and type in "call recorder" i beleive there are a few... i don't think any droids come with a native app that does it
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  3. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    None of them come with that ability natively. What I've heard is that none of the call recorder apps in the market actually work well.
  4. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    Recording from the speakerphone is a hack? Since when?
  5. airplus

    airplus New Member

    Only for Korean customers unfortunately... :mad:

    I thought of buying a phone from Korea through Internet but apparently they will not work in UK...

    So I am still stuck with my ageing Palm Treo 650 :(
  6. You can get a Galaxy S from many places, like eBay, and they should be usable on T-Mobile. The generic Galaxy S is available all over the world. Only in the US it's modded into 4 different versions.

    I think the firmware is more or less the same for generic Galaxy S.

    Who knows, maybe the Captivate, Epic, Fascinate and Vibrant will get this feature in a future firmware upgrade as well.
  7. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    GVoice features and audible "This call is being recorded" type message when you record calls. In most states you are perfectly okay if you do that. In some states (like my own) you can legally record a call as long as you have the consent of one of the parties. So, if you call me, I can record your call without telling you I am recording your call and it's perfectly legal because I am a consenting party. In other states if you do this, it's illegal.
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  8. Sorry, I broke the rule myself, but please let us stop here...

    There's better information at "Can We Tape?"

    For legality discussions please open another thread or consult the lawyer.
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  9. Updated.
  10. It seems that Nokia alone of all the major phone makers make phones will call recording functions in general.
  11. IndivisibleP

    IndivisibleP Well-Known Member

    Its the only company I have seen that does it.

    As far as legality, which "we arent discussing", thats insane that that could even be an issue. If someone doesnt want to be answerable for what they say to another person
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  12. Screenshot from a modded Korean ROM with Chinese interface's call screen. See the big red circular thing.

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  13. IndivisibleP

    IndivisibleP Well-Known Member

    coool :)
  14. Someone(s) reported that he/she can record phone calls on (international) Galaxy S with a certain call recording app on market, without turning on the speakerphone. Doesn't work if Bluetooth is used, through.

    Call Recording - Page 3 - xda-developers

    Can someone confirm this...?
  15. 2-year from the first Android phone released, and the issue is not getting better at all.
  16. paarkhi

    paarkhi Member

    There is a custom ROM for HTC Desire (My Brother is using it) (Sorry I dont know the name) but he says that can record calls both side without beep. So I think Custom ROMS can help us in this issue.
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