Android phone with TV tuners?

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  1. marada2

    marada2 Member

    I am looking for an android phone that has digital TV tuners with TV out facility. I don

  2. I have never seen a phone with a tv tuner. It takes a lot of processing power to use a tv tuner, and no phone out now has that power.

    However, you can do what I do. I have a tv tuner connected to my computer at home. Using Orb software, I can stream any channel to my phone using 3g or wifi.
  3. marada2

    marada2 Member

    I thought that some phones had built in tuners? I remember using some Chinese phone when I was in China that had a built in tuner. Can't remember it's name though. I know it was definatley a tuner as it did not use any data connection.

    Out of interest do you think tuners will come to android phones in the future, or do you think the technology will never get there?
  4. X10iUser

    X10iUser Well-Known Member


    You've already named one, and the only Android related one I could find is THIS.
  5. China's phone technology is known to be at least a year or two ahead of ours.
  6. apablate01

    apablate01 New Member

    I have also not seen this feature, lets wait for more replies.
  7. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Many phones in Japan have 1seg TV tuners. 1seg is a Japanese terrestrial digital TV system optimised for portable devices like mobile phones and netbooks. I haven't come across anything similar in China.

    In Europe the terrestrial DVB-T digital TV system doesn't work too well at all with hand held devices, unless one is near the transmitter, a very strong signal strength, and one is not moving. I presume it would be the same with the North American ATSC digital TV system. Trying to receive these digital TV systems with a hand held device like a mobile phone, probably wouldn't be satisfactory at all especially if one is moving.

    There is DVB-M digital mobile terrestrial TV, but I think this has only been experimental so far.
  8. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Maybe they where analogue tuners in those Chinese phones.

    EDIT..There is
    ...but I haven't come across any devices for it yet.
  9. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking this to be the case. You would need a fairly large antenna if your going to be more than a good few miles away from a transmitter. And having a large antenna on device like a cell phone is sort of unwieldy. The minimum success I've had with ATSC over the air is 20% signal strength with a normal digital tuner box. Anything below that is prone to random artifacts and dropping. Not to mention they would need to put in decoders for the phone, since a lot of signals are now in HD, which could be a little hard on the phone's CPU, which drives up the cost. Its a whole lot of work with little to gain. At least locally.
  10. platoonof1

    platoonof1 New Member

    the sharp aquos .."Sharp SoftBank 007SH" , and im pretty sure the htc 1 (subcription aplies though) called sense tv The Sharp softbank 007SH has free over the air digital tv DIDNT REALIZE IT WAS A 4 YR OLD THREAD MY BAD

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