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    This is an android phone which was bought from China, I no longer want it, in fact I didn't use it but to check it out.

    So far I can tell that the market doesn't download apps, and that is about it.

    I really don't know the specs, but if you search Android Q8 Smartphone, the specs will appear.

    I paid $141 total, and it came with a extra necklace that features a bull on the end of it, i kid you not.

    It will come via priority mail, and factory reset.
    $5 for shipping.

    Sold As-Is.

    Asking for really anything over $70. Best offers will be considered.

  2. blackops

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    Specs I know of:
    Dual Band
    128mb rom and 128mb ram
    400mhz cpu
    2.8 screen size
    touch screen resisitive
    android 1.5

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  3. i may be interested. pm me?
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