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    Jul 5, 2011
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    It's an Alcatel OT-980A. I've tried the PC Suite and One Touch Update stuff but the drivers don't install correctly.

    Anyway, a long time ago (a couple months) I wanted to listen to music on my phone while on the bus. As many of you probably notice, the Android's sound isn't very loud. So I looked all over for apps that could boost my phone's sound. None of them did, though. Anyway, I get to the point where my phone is beginning to run out of memory. So I uninstall a bunch of these apps. After I'm done, I notice the sound is no longer working. At all. So I factory reset the phone, and that doesn't help. The phone will still vibrate fine. However, along with the sound not working...
    -Every time the phone tries to play a sound (music, ringtone, etc), the phone will lock up for a few seconds. If it is an app trying to play the sound, the app will become unresponsive.
    -The phone's power usage seems to have increased greatly. While the phone could last for days before the incident, it can barely last a few hours now.

    Now this poses a problem as I need to be somewhere in a couple days, but I need a phone call to know what time I leave, so I can't just send it in now.

    And yes, I have made sure the volume was turned up for everything.

    Also, it seems that when I go to the Market, a few seconds in, the phone will lock up. Then it will either reboot, or go to a black screen with a single white underscore in the top left corner. In order to reboot it, I have to remove the battery and put it back in, because I can not do a single thing when it does that.

    Anyway, I'd highly appreciate it if someone could help me with this. I gave as much detail as I could. Thanks in advance.


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