ANDROID Plush Bag! Limited Edition!

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  1. Lanie917

    Lanie917 Member

    So I'm sure you guys have all seen the pictures of the Droid Plush Bag that someone made for his friend's birthday? (google: android plush bag for more info!)

    Well, after a few test runs... I am proud to announce that I've made my own and they are now for sale. Only 10 of these little dudes will be made... and I've got one up for grabs on eBay right now: **LIMITED EDITION** Google - Droid - PLUSH BAG - eBay (item 230488764745 end time Jun-26-10 21:09:29 PDT)

    Check it out and let me know what you think!

  2. pooginowski

    pooginowski Active Member

    the ebay listing isn't up there anymore. got any pics
  3. Lanie917

    Lanie917 Member

    I think it was down for awhile this morning but I just checked it and its up. Search for item number 230488764745. Let me know if you have a problem.
  4. Vulcan

    Vulcan Well-Known Member

  5. pooginowski

    pooginowski Active Member

    you have any more pictures?
  6. Lanie917

    Lanie917 Member

    Woot! There it is. Sorry, I can't paste links from my phone. LOL I can get some better pictures tonight when I get home!
  7. pooginowski

    pooginowski Active Member

    Ok. I'll keep an eye out for those pictures.
  8. thekarens

    thekarens Well-Known Member

    VERY cute!
  9. Lanie917

    Lanie917 Member

    I added 3 more (much better) pictures to the ebay listing. Gives a much better perspective on the little dude. :)
  10. vampash1987

    vampash1987 Member

    I dont know if you ended the sale, but I clicked on both links and it keeps saying it has ended or invalid? I am very interested!
  11. Lanie917

    Lanie917 Member

    It should be open and available for about another day and a half. Did you try just going to eBay and searching for "Droid plush bag"?
  12. FastEddie87

    FastEddie87 Member

    Very Nice ;o)
  13. Jeffs23

    Jeffs23 Well-Known Member

    Looks Good!

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