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  1. botagar

    botagar New Member

    Hi guys!

    I've got the annoying error of "android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly" on my Samsung Galaxy S1. I run LauncherPro and Gingerbread (i think...).

    I saw this:

    I intend to do a hard reset but i need to backup my contacts and texts (unfortunately, its been a while since i last did that), but im not sure how im supposed to backup when i cant access anything on my phone!
    I cant access any of the settings, task manager, desktop, app drawer.... NOTHING! :(

    With the USB cable, i can browse the files on my phone. Is there a way i can save my contacts and messages that way?

    Also, any advice on how i would avoid such errors in the future and ways i can improve the performance of my phone?


  2. flamer

    flamer Well-Known Member

    Your contacts and calender should already be saved to the google cloud, so once you hard reset your phone, and then add in your gmail account and password the phone will re-sync all that stuff. same deal with apps, your google market account should pull down any paid apps too. You won't keep your sms though, anything on your sd card would stay there too.

    You can do a backup, but it requires installing apps like nandroid so I don't think that's an option for you if your phone is pretty well screwed. Using the usb cable only lets you get access to the sd card.

    You might want to try and get your phone back to a usable state, then install a 3rd party rom rather than stock which might help in the future.
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  3. botagar

    botagar New Member


    Just did the reset and now my phone is alive again :)

    Any suggestions on a 3rd party ROM?
    Are 3rd party ROM's really worth it?
  4. flamer

    flamer Well-Known Member


    If I were you, Cm is pretty popular, probably they do tend to boost performance and battery life because it cuts out all the crud you dont need.

    if I had your phone, I would be upgrading to this: (Cm modified version of ice cream sandwich)
    Install CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 11 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandiwich On Nexus S And Galaxy S [HowTo] | Rooting Droid
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