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  1. muggie01

    muggie01 New Member

    Hello everybody, hope someone can help me!

    Recently switched from Blackberry to Android and seem to be finding it slightly more complicated than I thought. I have the error message " Frce Close" This is happening when I try to download app's or update app's through the market.

    I have tried.... clearing cache, clearing data from download manager, reboots, ROM upgrade, reset permissions and downgrading the market app to original version! However this still occurs when trying to download market items!
    The only thing I can think of which I have not tried is formatting the SD Card, but I'm not sure how yo do this on this phone!

    Has anyone got any solutions and/or explain how to format SD Cards?

    Many Thanks in advance :)

  2. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    This has been suggested in another thread:

    Ensure SD Card is properly seated, open phone and make sure of this!!!

    Do these :

    Settings --> Applications -->Manage Applications-->All--> Download Manager --> Clear Data.
    --------------------------------------------------- \--> Media Storage-------/

    Are you using the SD from the stock OSF?

    It was formatted as FAT16 in mine, so I reformatted as FAT32, which is the preferred formatting for Android 2.2.

    You may not need to do this, so check current formatting via Windows, with SD mounted.

    If you decide to format......

    You need to do a full back-up of the SD Contents, connect to PC via USB, and copy all contents to a location on your PC, including especially the hidden/system folders (.android_secure etc.).

    \sd\.android_secure is your apps folder on SD, managed by the Android 2.2 system, so you will not see any contents using File Managers on the phone. You need to be connected via USB to PC to see contents!!!

    Go ahead and Format the SD as FAT32 using Windows formatting tool...

    usually right-click on the Drive/Format...,

    this will be the mounted SD Card, in this case.

    You will lose all data on the SD Card, so make sure you have made that back-up of everything on the SD.

    When finished formatting, (don't use quick format option, uncheck this), you can just restore the contents from back-up onto the newly formatted card, and you will have gained quite a lot of space.......

    only if you are going from FAT16 to FAT32.

    I do not take any responsibility if you mess up, but it is quite hard to really!!!

    On your own head be it!!!
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  3. muggie01

    muggie01 New Member

    Thaanks will give this a try!
  4. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    Any luck?
  5. phasson

    phasson New Member

    wow, this only took 20 minutes to fix the issue, thanks so much, past experience has taught me it usually takes several hours of research, but then, thats microsoft..

    Settings --> Applications -->Manage Applications-->All--> Download Manager --> Clear Data.
    --------------------------------------------------- \--> Media Storage-------/

    this worked for me, thanks so much,

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  6. dapperyout

    dapperyout New Member

    +1 worked for me as well. Thanks!!
  7. torroloco

    torroloco New Member

    Thanks! It also worked for me.
  8. TelD

    TelD New Member

    Thanks worked great for me too
  9. ryanrazer

    ryanrazer Active Member

    worked for me as well! ;)
    just delete download manager and media storage and works fine... :)
  10. cjcmcam

    cjcmcam Member

    LOL dont delete them. Just clear it. If you delete it your market will force close everytime
  11. snowy2849

    snowy2849 New Member

    Hi, I am also having a force close issue, do I need to format the memory card or just do the following:

    Settings --> Applications -->Manage Applications-->All--> Download Manager --> Clear Data.
    --------------------------------------------------- \--> Media Storage-------/

    or both ....

  12. ckreysa

    ckreysa New Member

    I also get the same error message. I do, however, have a huge number of files on external disk. I think there are about 40,000 files for Back Country Navigator -- all offline map tiles. I'm wondering if the error message is related to the number of files on the disk and media services trying to read through all those files. I'll try the fix tonight/tomorrow (40,000 is a lot to copy and copy back) and see if that works.
  13. smeggingjohn

    smeggingjohn New Member

    I have an orange san francisco and am having the same problem. I have tried both suggestions i.e. clearing the cache download manager cache and media storage cache plus re-formatting the CD card and still have the problem when I'm trying to download from the Play Store. The message comes up immediately it starts the download.

    I've also re-seated the SD card in the phone.

    Can anyone suggest anything else?

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