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  1. ajansketab

    ajansketab New Member

    Hi I want to start android programming
    How should I start ?
    what is the best book for it ?

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  2. redbulletnl

    redbulletnl Member

  3. ajansketab

    ajansketab New Member

    thanks ,
    but no suggestion for book ?
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  4. StephenHawking

    StephenHawking New Member

  5. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    Moved to Dev 101.
  6. nghien_rbc

    nghien_rbc Member

    you can download some android ebook at here:
    Develop Android Application: Links for download Android ebook for beginner and pro
  7. DaggaDraad

    DaggaDraad Active Member

  8. StevenHu

    StevenHu Well-Known Member

    Android apps are created in Java, but some developers use one of the C languages, and some use HTML5/CSS/Javascript with PhoneGap to create Android apps.
  9. lolikpan

    lolikpan New Member

    i already have some expierience in Android Programming. But i have a problem. I want to make an application which:
    Sends an amount of emails(user inputs a number) in some frequency for ex. 10 emails for every hour(user inputs a frequency in hours) to an adress(user inputs the target email adress). All emails are sent from users email account. So an example of working:
    1) User choose his email service(Gmail, yahoo..)
    2)Inputs his email adress and his password(login into his email account)
    3)Types the text of an email
    4)Inputs the amount of emails
    5)Inputs the frequency of emails
    6)Inputs the target email adress

    Thanks for help.
  10. StevenHu

    StevenHu Well-Known Member

    The app has the user send the SAME email intermittently?

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