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  1. steve16

    steve16 New Member

    When is there going to be an update for the t-mobile pulse phone.

  2. Tmobilepulse1

    Tmobilepulse1 Member

    You can easily get the Hungary t mobile 2.1 update - Google it
  3. I thought that the Hungarian update was buggy, same as the UK one released and then retracted back in Aug 2010.
  4. Tmobilepulse1

    Tmobilepulse1 Member

    Well I'm actually using the Swedish one - which is pretty good!
  5. twrock

    twrock Member

    Skip 2.1 and go right to 2.2. Froyo is great!

    Ok, to be fair, in order to install Froyo, you're going to have to first flash one of the "official" 2.1 updates anyway. Your choice really, but I tended toward the Swedish Tre rom while I was using 2.1. When I decided to bump up to the currently available CyanogenMod 6.1 mod for Pulse (still in beta), I went back and flashed the UK 2.1 rom as a base to start from.

    I still have no idea why the UK 2.1 rom was pulled. But I'd highly recommend the latest FLB mod of the UK 2.1 if you want to hold off on Froyo to get the final bugs ironed out.

    All of these mods are available over at

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