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  1. Coops025

    Coops025 Active Member

    Hi guys,

    I was thinking of buying this (or something similar)
    Mini Android 4.1 Google TV Box HD IPTV Player Android 4.1 Mini PC Smart Mini Google HD Player 1GB RAM + 4GB ROM - the smallest Android TV player in the world looks like a USB flash drive[New Version in 2013]: Computers & Accessories

    I want to be able to use Android remote from either my phone or tablet (both android) as a mouse and keyboard to operate the TV stick. I can see it supports both windows and MAC but not Android.

    Are there any apps that can do this??

    Basically I would not need to purchase a remote control to use the TV stick.


  2. Unforgiven

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    I moved this to the Google TV forum as I think you'll get better answers here.:)

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