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Android Robot Photoshop Contest!!!

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  1. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    The prize:
    $50 Amazon Gift Certificate
    Runner up prizes, too (depending on how many enter!)

    The rules:
    Use your creativity (and photoshop skills) to put the "Google Android Robot" into various settings, pictures, poses, etc... Nothing beyond Rated R, please.

    Entries MUST feature "AndroidForums.com" somewhere in the picture.

    Post the picture AS A REPLY TO THIS THREAD by July 20th.

    The Scoring:
    Mods here will pick a bunch of the entries that we think deserve to be "finalists" on July 21st and create a new thread where members can "vote" on the winner.

    Aim for "funny" but we'll accept anything!

    Starting It Off:
    Mods cannot win the contest, but I'll start it off with a picture to get you guys in the mood/spirit:


    Goodluck everybody... I can't wait to see how creative you get!

  2. Rob O

    Rob O New Member

  3. 0157h7

    0157h7 Member

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  4. soil

    soil New Member

  5. Jandro

    Jandro New Member

  6. Jandro

    Jandro New Member

    Hey all! Just checking to see if there was an alternate voting thread or if a winner had been picked. If not, Vote for Pedro... er... Jandro!

    Back to doing some more android reading.... :)
  7. shytree

    shytree Member

    The Trifecta....

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  8. _kweso

    _kweso Well-Known Member

    this one is great...
    especially with gates being the girl...
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