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Android "Secure Credentials" AnnoyanceSupport

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  1. xxspark89xx

    xxspark89xx Member

    Okay, so I've searched around and haven't found any details pertaining to the Secured Credentials part of the Android OS. (For most phones with Froyo 2.2)

    Situation: I currently have a Droid 2, and my college's campus WIFI is 802.1x EAP - TLS security, which requires a certificate and a key file and such to connect. I have no problems connecting to WIFI when everything is setup properly.

    Problem: Since I am using the "Secure Credentials" storage for the cert file and such, it requires a password to use it. No big deal with entering the password for the day, but it seems that every time the phone is rebooted for whatever reason, I have to go back in and re-enter the password to enable access to the storage.

    This isn't through any sort of app add-on, this is strictly through the Android OS. I would like to be able to connect to the wireless on my campus automatically, but if I've rebooted my phone at some point, it wont connect automatically. Particularly, if I click to connect on the Wifi connection, it asks "Enter Secure Credentials Password". It's very annoying.

    So my question is, any work-around to this? I've searched all over Google and this particular matter isn't very common. I keep my phone by my side at all times, and I'm not too worried about the "secure credentials" being password protected. Any ideas or suggestions?

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. joemontibello

    joemontibello New Member


    I'm having this same problem. Did you ever figure it out, or does anyone else have a suggestion?

  3. glowing_knight

    glowing_knight New Member

    Has anyone figured out a solution to this issue ?

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