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    Having been a Blackberry user for almost 10 years, I finally got fed up and bolted for the Android platform. I now have a shiny new Droid RAZR MAXX, which I am enjoying immensely.

    I've rooted it and installed LightFlow, Gentle Alarm, Widget Locker, RootKeeper, Dolphin HD and a smattering of other apps. While I think Android could take a couple of lessons from RIM (a single, comprehensive framework for handling notifications in various common situations for one), I think this device will be much more useful in the end.

    Oh, and I'm happy to be here :D

  2. olbriar

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    You've bought one of the latest and greatest phones out there. Congrats!! Welcome to Android Forums. Below is a link to the area we have for the Maxx users.
    It's an area where they can swap insight about their phones. You will enjoy the information from the friendly users of your phone. Have fun and thanks for joining AF.
    Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX - Android Forums
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