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android , slackware, debian, package compiling and networking on htc inspire

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  1. tuxman

    tuxman New Member

    Hello everyone I am a new user to Android phones and therefore inexperienced to the inner structure of the operating system I do know it is Linux kernel based and has the option to be reprogrammed to use in super user mode granting accesss to the root shell, now my question is if I can run a full OS on this phone such as a lnimalistic version of deviant or slackware ( of course I would have to reprogram the kernel for adaptation) but does android provide newtworking drivers anor source code to make my own drivers? And if so, has this been done before and what where the end results?

    Thank you.


  2. tuxman

    tuxman New Member

    I am sorry for the typos but I am still getting used to a touch screen

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