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  1. Im 14, Learned VB, HTML, Graphics Designing, Etc. But i am starting to touch on xCode and Eclipse Android SDK.

    So i am starting a app, i have created the layout, set a background, etc.
    But i am having trouble setting buttons as sound.

    I am willing to pay for someone who can skype 1 on 1 tutor me on Eclipse Programming.

    My Skype Name : TheComputerDewd

  2. phreaklulz

    phreaklulz New Member

    I dont know Eclipse, BUT i have dealt with what your going through. I know i can help you, and i will help you for free. I know the language that Eclipse uses. And i will do it free of charge. I love the fact that your diving into this at such a young age. Call or email me and we will set up an appointment to get things going for you. And i also have other easier options that you will love to make life easier(their free too)

    my name is Elijah founder of Anderson's PC

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