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  1. bagpussnz

    bagpussnz New Member

    I have a nexus one running 2.3.4.
    Yesterday, for some unknown reason, every couple of hours, it just starts playing some weird music for about 30 seconds.
    I've tried powering off and on again - but it still does it.
    I have no alarms set and I've looked for some obvious applications, but nothing makes sense.
    I've even tried running an AVG scan on the machine.

    It has to be some application thats doing it - but I don't know what.

    Has anyone else seen this - or does anyone have any ideas?
    Is there a log on the machine that holds automatic updates?


  2. brad1601

    brad1601 Member

    When I bought my HTC desire I bought it online and it came pre-installed with this app called Iquran, which is some app to remind muslum people to pray, so every few hours it would set of this weird arabic type music to remind to pray lol.

    So maybe you have something like that?
  3. bagdroid

    bagdroid New Member

    Check your notification settings.

    For some reason my phone had selected one of my mp3s as my SMS notification so whenever someone sent a text it'd play the sound of the beach! I had no idea what was going on until I had a good search and found my SMS sound was pointed to it. Strange as I never set it up to do that.

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